Realistically, how long from 0-10k?

 I got up to 5k before Xmas training with a friend, then my friend gave up and I didn't want to run alone - so I didn't image which was stupid because I was really enjoying it).

 Anyway, I want to get back into it, even if I do have to run alone, and I need a goal. I've just been looking for a local 5k towards the end of June but all I can find is a 10 in the middle of July. Is it feasible that I could do it?

I'm pretty much starting from scratch but I have a reasonable level of general fitness and no weight or medical issues, but running does not come easily to me, especially as I am my own worst enemy and without the distraction of a friend all I can think about is how uncomfortable I am feeling!

 Any thoughts are more than welcome.


  • yeah 3 months plenty of time imho! good luck image
  • yep I agree with lorenzo, why do you look at having a go at an RW 10 plan?
  • I'm training for a 10k and started 10 weeks ago. Like you, I already had a reasonable level of general fitness. I run 3 times per week and hit the 10k mark a couple of weeks ago. I am just working on getting my time down now image

    So yeah, I think it's perfectly achievable for someone who's already reasonably fit. Good luck!! image

  • When i started it took me 5 weeks to get to 6 miles, so since you can run 3 allready, you will have no problem. You say your starting from scratch, but your body will soon kick back into the fold.

    If your worried about 6 miles, think about this, i'm committed to increasing from a max of 26.2 miles race (and training) to running a 52.4 miles race in 12 weeks.

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