Aberdare 10K

Just entered this one again - its a fast  one - get in quick!

broke a 15 year old pb last year on the course - hadn't come within 2 mins of it for 10 years - that's how fast this one is!


  • Welsh AlexWelsh Alex ✭✭✭

    Its the day after the Cymer tri, but I'll be there.
  • Me too ... My Race Number is #43 for this one .... A great number! - It's my age and also the number of the Pittsburgh Steelers whirling dervish Troy Polamalu ... wish I was as a quarter as fit and fast as him!!!
  • Welsh AlexWelsh Alex ✭✭✭

    I've sent off my entry but not had my number yet.
  • i am number 6 - forgot this race was chipped.


  • hope the weather cools down a tad before sunday
  • Mr  Phil

    I'm giving this one a go for the first time, looking forward to it.

    Have you used the buses before and are they regular from the leisure centre?

  • Welsh AlexWelsh Alex ✭✭✭

    I'm prob going to park at the start and run back to the car myself.

  • jason djason d ✭✭✭

    WA - I'm told by organiser today that there's a free shuttle between finish at leisure centre and startimage 

    Have to meet up and say hello to all the PTHs out there from the only TROT making the trip (I think) - I'm the slow one!!-  - good to put faces to namesimage 

    Also looking forward to meeting BB from our 10k threadimageimage

  • Welsh AlexWelsh Alex ✭✭✭

    It's all go !

  • A really pleasant enjoyable 10K course. Shuttle buses to the start were well organised and lots of marshals on route. Picked up a PB - will definately be doing this one again next year. Thanks MacMillan.
  • Got to agree with Maria!

    I'd been telling everyone it was all downhill - it does undulate a bit in the first 5.5km ... still more downhill than up I think, even there.

    Just for the record ... there is a short drag not long after the Ty Newydd Country hotel (approx 2kms into the race) ... only for maybe 200 metres.

    Once you've gone through the village of Hirwaun and crossed the Heads of the Valleys road (under it through a tunnel!) it's a steady drag uphill (not particularly steep, but steep enough to make you work a bit!)  - then once past 5.5kms it's pretty much all either downhill or flat.

    As you get near to the Sports centre you have to cross a fairly steep winding footbridge- which certainly turned my legs to jelly for a moment once you started to go down the other side!! - with a nice stadium finish!

    T Shirt, banana and water at end, with a water station half way along the race and marshals were good too. A PB for me (And I guess many of the other runners, since it's a pb type course) topped a good day out!  Big thank you everyone who organised and helped!

  • Any idea where and when the official results will be published????
  • Try http://www.thepowerof10.info/results/resultslookup.aspx. If not try San Dominico RC or Pontypridd Rodents website -they generally publish most results.
  • results are up here: http://runninginwales.com/results.aspx

    I have driven that road loads of times and thought it was all downhill - how wrong was I?

  • Great race today.  Thanks to the organisers. Such a friendly one.

    Great to catch up with some of you too. 

    Didn't find this thread till today image

  • Welsh AlexWelsh Alex ✭✭✭

    Well done on winning it Nutty !

  • she looks different in the photos - more man sized!
  • Where are the photos  then Phil?
  • Hi everyone, many thanks for taking part in the Aberdare 10k 2009, the chip results are on the les croups site, also on www.chipresults.co.uk  I hope you all had a great run, thank you for the kind words ref organisation. I'm very tired today as I was at Penderyn at 6am yesterday morning taking delivery of the portaloos, the things you do eh?  Anyway,  I look forward to seeing you all next year where I'm hoping the field will be doubled again.  Best wishes and thanks again, take care, Sue Pickin, Fundraising Manager, Macmillan Cancer Support. 
  • Welsh AlexWelsh Alex ✭✭✭

    Thanks Sue. It is a super event. See you next year image
  • Ditto. Really enjoyed it and well done Sue!!
  • Thanks Sue. Excellent organisation.

     I will definitely be back and will bring along as many as I can!

  •  A lovely run. (helped by knocking 4 mins off my PB!)  WIll be back next year.  Well done to the organisers.

     Did someone mention a t-shirt though?  I didn't see them at the finish? (maybe they were sent out with the numbers, chips etc?  I only signed up on the morning....)

  • MisfitMisfit ✭✭✭
    Tim Knight 3 wrote (see)

     Did someone mention a t-shirt though?  I didn't see them at the finish? (maybe they were sent out with the numbers, chips etc?  I only signed up on the morning....)

    They were giving them out with the water and the bananas. 

  • I missed my t shirt when I got my water and banana - wandered back to the car and realised my chip was still on my trainer!!!

    On my way back to giving my chip in, I saw lots of people with T shirts and then sort of followed my nose!

  • Don't think they were giving them out this year ... saw a couple of people with T shirts, but they turned out to be marshals image
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