2010 Ballot entry is up



  • thank you for that
  • you're as sad as me. I entered at 4:30!
  • Checked the site on the off chance and there it was live thought it didn't open till 9.

    Oh well I've applied.

  • Think it opened at midnight, had my entry in by half past, all a tad easier than last year's attempts!
  • Thanks Ibecks!

    Got mine in....image

    It's all Shade's fault. I swore I'd only ever do one and now I'm booking my second and planning my third.....image

    And my first was only yesterday! image

  • lol Liverbird! How did you get on yesterday?

    I thought I was an early bird by applying at half 6, seems like everyone else has had the same idea. Did anyone else go for the very dashing rain jacket that looks like a crisp packet? Here's hoping for a place in 2010! FIngers crossed until October.  image

  • mine was in before 3 this morningimage  expecting my 5th rejection
  • Damn, the good for age deadline appears to be in August rather than I believe January previously. My debut is not until September so I have no chance to get in this way.
  • all doneimage

    Got rejected 5 years in a row, got my rejection place for the 6th year and deferred through injury. Gave up the place this year as got married  (there was a moment yesterday when I regretted that decision lol-the place not the marriage), so back on the trail now. Not going to go down the charity route as it's a lot of pressure so fingers crossed.

  • Thats it, fingers crossed now! gutted about the good for age cut of though, was banking on that being after Berlin, guess im gonna have to build up some serious good karma to get a ballot place now instead!
  • Ooh ta.  Thought I'd read the ballot opened at 9am - thought it'd be a rush to do it when I got to work!
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    I can't get the page to load - has it crashed already?
  • Wouldn't load the first couple of times I tried Mouse.  Keep trying.

    Kept expecting my dodgy pc to crash while I was going through the 7 pages but, thankfully, it behaved itself.

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    ok thanks

    *twiddles thumbs*

  • thanks for info just entererd (at 23 miles yesterday i said never again ) expect to get another 5 rejections before i get in again so will be up for it again by then!
  • I'm in. Did it about 30 mins ago, no website problems at all.  Didn't pledge this year, if they did women's sizes I would have done!
  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭
    Has the link / virgin site crashed? image
  • site has crashed AGAIN. nice of the dodgy s###-bags to open early so no-one can get near it at the proper opening time. hoped this lot would be better organised but obviously not. did note though that i received e-mail yesterday offering a bond place, not bad as there were still people out on the course!!!

  • It's really slow - Ive been trying since 07:45, furthest I got was page 2 and it crashed. Ive just been waiting 5 mins for the front page to load

    Just like yesterday.....keep plodding along and persevering and it'll come right in the end! 

  • I can't get past page one at the moment but my work PC is slower than a slow thing when it has been shut down all weekend so that won't be helping.

    I have to do two entries too - mine and my OH's image

  • I think they did announce it would be open for entries from midnight last night?
  • The website is churning away as we speak. This is my 6th consecutive entry with no place yet so I'll be annoyed if the change over to Virgin affects my chance of '6th time guaranteed entry' that supposedly existed for the Flora one!
  • Seriously, I hate this  palaver image
  • I am no IT wizz kid but didn't they learn from last year... They may have gussed it would be a tad busy. It isn't 9 am yet when they also said it owuld open..... can't wait.......image
  • Nothing happening - page has been loading for about 10 minutes. image
  • Just trying to get onto the site now, really slow, already had one attempt fail.

    So much for the 9am start

  • Bit naughty this they said that it was 9 o'clock  -

     can't get on the site anyway

  • Everything I'd seen had said it would open at 9, so I was looking to apply at lunchtime, although a few people said they'd seen a midnight opening announced.

    I didn't go for the crisp packet jacket, partly 'cos they don't do it in an XS size, so I'd be swimming in it rather than running. It was tempting to do it for the extra 1,000 places but still... I might consider a charity place if push comes to shove.

    It's my first time entering - I'm currently training for the Leeds 10K and Great North Run.
  • I fully get the midnight thing - allows them to make sure the system's working while web traffic is light. 

    So why the feck isn't it ?

  • here we go again then.  Third time lucky for me..... that said, I am 50:50 on whether to bother.  Watching it yesterday at the 19 mile point it looked pretty congested for anyone on a pace that would bring them in in anything over about 3:30.  image
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