Is anyone else having problems accessing the site to register for next year's London Marathon?  Or is it just me?


  • I cannot get on at all!!  Am worrying that the ballot will close before I get a chance lol

    Must be very very busy...image

  • It is not just you  join the other thousands having the same trouble... have a look at the FLM tread

  • Yes problems getting connected here too.  Not everyone has chance to sit by computer all day.  Very unfair system.
  • Soooo very frustrating! I keep getting a network error. Ive got my team leader on her computer trying for me too! image

    It is a rubbish way to do it though! What if you were working in a hospital or something!

  • yeah me too got into work early to try!!!!!!
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    FLM isnt the only marathon out there you know!!!
  • Mr F - It isn't the only marathon out there I know, but it's the best!   I got my 5th consecutive rejection last year and I'm desperate to do London before my knees pack up!  I'm delighted it's not just me that can't get on - at least if no one can we are all in the same boat!   Will keep trying....
  • got to page 6 of 7 taking about 40 minutes to do so before it then crashed - so be prepared even after you manage ot get on.!!!

  • Wee Curly Dave - if you've had five consecutive rejections then you should be able to get a guarenteed entry from next year.
  • I'm still trying as well...

      Network Access Message: The page cannot be displayed<

  • Is it always this hard to apply or is it a sigh of things to come!!!
  • Don't have much time for this "London is the best" view.

    Unless you have run several dozen marathons around the world, I don't see how you can possibly have a view. I've taken part in a measly 6 (inc London), but each has been unique and wonderful in its own right.

  • It was easy last year. The Bearded One needs to get his act together...
  • Also trying to get on, last year was my 5th consecutive rejection so should be guaranteed a place for next year, however i think you do still have to get into the ballot before it closes - aarg

  • still cant get on the site image
  • just getting a blank screen image

    and yes my pc is on!

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭

    No problem registering at 1.30 this morning, after getting a heads up from another insomniac.  I was still very elated after cracking yesterday's FLM.

     Weight of network traffic?  Hope it soon gets sorted. image

  • 1.30 this morning?  Good luck to you but disgraceful work from organisers.  problem is they don't care how many they upset cos there will always be more than enough wanting to enter.
  • Surprise surprise - can't get on site either image.  Couldn't get in last year, so I'm doing Edinburgh instead image - can't wait.  Have done Dublin as my first, and loved it - but expensive as you have the travel, poor exchange rate with euro etc.  If I can't get in London will do another 'big city' one. 

  • It takes so long to load a page it time outs you. I've got to go work. Might try again or I might just give up.Maybe I'll do a different one.Any sugestions welcome. First timer,south of england.Happy(as you can be!)to do a hilly half.
  • Have been trying almost constantly for 3 and a half hours.  Too depressing.  image  It might or might not be the best but its one that gets a lot of people watching and support and one that people don't mind sponsoring so thats why I'm so keen...guess I'd better keep trying. 
  • 4 and a half for me.
  • Website's got a different message now - saying it is unavailable and to try later or tomorrow.
  • Has got as far as page 2, and I'm now on my 3rd computer screen after breaking the first 2 out of sheer frustuation.
  • "Due to unprecedented demand" 

    One thing is itsn't is unprecedented - it happened last year!!! 

  • This is bloody stupid, might just enter Paris again instead.

    Typical, just bloody typical!!!


  • Have been trying since 9.00am this morning  - very frustrating  - I so want to run my first marathon and would love to give London a go.  Didn't get in last year, and didn't get in Edinburgh, hope I manage to secure a place with one before I need a zimmer frame!!

  • After trying continuously since 9.00am I've finally managed to complete the 7 pages and received my confirmed entry to the ballot via an email image.
  • have called the helpline - and if you've 5 consecutive rejections, they'll get you in. DId say ideally to register via ballot, but if it has filled up the 120,000 ballot places, then to give them a call.

    Website is dire, and what next, a ballot to get to the ballot!!!

    As for best, not so sure. Im running Luxembourg this year, but have done Rome, Berlin and Amsterdam, and all have their own merits and no ballot!!

    Keep trying everyone
  • I can understand how busy the site is but Ive been trying constantly since 9am on the dot with no success, although at times I did get half way through the application form before it crashed...even more frustrating!  Had a look on the FLM thread and people are saying that the site actually went live at midnight,  and people got on and registered way before 9am!!!

     What do you get for following instructions - bloody nothing!!!!

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