Lack of Water & Finishers T-Shirt

My first London Marathon & I reached Mile 17 gasping for a drink and the water station was dry. From that point I drank a full bottle and was thirsty straight away. Then the same thing at Mile 21, no water again.

Then at the finish only one water bottle in the Goody Bag, why not have a table at the finish with water to help yourself, and a rubbish T-shirt, last year the runners got a decent technical T-Shirt I still see people training in.

My club gave a better T-Shirt in our local race that cost about £10 to enter, at least I know what shirt to chuck away next time I run.


  • A table to service 35,000 runners that would have been interesting. image

    T shirts last year are same as any year..great if you are a ex large naff if you are not.

  • I did see some runners taking two bottles - one to drink and one to pour over themselves. Ridiculously selfish.
  • I also noticed that the water was running low, and I was a 4:30 finisher (Slow but not particularly slow)

    Never took two bottles, and always held onto each one until finished that way only collecting water every 2-3 miles

    Some people were selfish grabbing a bottle pouring half over themselves and then chucking away 

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