2009 T-Shirt Swap?


 I ended up getting an XL size t-shirt which isn't very good (did we get sizes randomly or did I miss something?).

 Would anyone like to swap an XL for a Medium size?

Congrats to every one who participated.



  • All FLM shirts are XL - sorry !
  • Thanks Cougie, that's a bit disappointing but I'm glad I hadn't gone as mad as I thought.

  • They should all be medium! Then, if you're a fatty, you'd be encouraged to lose weight and if you're a skinny arse, you need to put on a few pounds to fill em out!image


  • Nice one LB!

    When I first looked at my t-shirt post race, I thought the size wasn't too bad (fuddled brain, obviously!)

    I've just tried it on, and it's bloomin massive! And I'm not that small (size 14).

    Oh well. I'll never throw it away though. And the quality is much better than other race t-shirts I've got (Brighton Half springs to mind) even if it isn't technical.
  • Do you like my logic Sazza? imageimage
  • You b----y runners are just to skinny you need to get yourself down MuckDonalds,mine fits me just snugimage 
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