Officials Jacket and Fleece - 2009

Went to the FLM to what the mini marathon as several kids from my club where in it.

The officials had the really nice yellow rain jackets and blue fleece. I really want one, in fact I was eyeing one up that the guy had dropped near the barrier but the guy moved it.

Does anyone know where I can get one? Tried eBay but none on there.


  • The adidas shop on Oxford Street had a selection of official clothing yesterday and i assume the London marathon shop will have some
  • Expensive ! I saw the yellow rainjacket at the expo - £70 !?
  • My OH bought me the windstopper navy blue jacket from the Adidas shop in Oxford Street whilst I was running, it was £50, £5 more than advertised in the FLM mag, but I didn't see them at the expo. And it's lovely image
  • I have a spare official jacket if you want one - instead of selling would ask for donation to the charity I ran for (my hubby and Dad marshalled hence the jackets!). Email me at with contact details and I will get in touch.
  • I happy to buy this for a donation. However, perhaps you should but it on eBay as a charity item.

  • Hi James

     I was on Staff for the FLM & have a Jacket you can purchase.

  • Tony Betts wrote (see)

    Hi James

     I was on Staff for the FLM & have a Jacket you can purchase.

    Thanks for the offer but already sorted.

  • Hi Tony, email me I would be interested.
  • There is one on eBay if anyone else is looking for one.

    Ebay Jacket

  • I have sent a PM with my email address.

     Let me know if you have not got it.

  • Hi, no have not received the email.  email me at Thanks
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