Windsor half marathon - advice

OK..this is my first half marathon, and I normally train first thing in the morning. Can anyone give me any tips regarding eating beforehand? What time should I eat? What food etc.?


  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Amanda, as the race doesn't start until 1pm I would suggest you have your breakfast as normal and have something more substantial at about 10.00 am. Food which is high in carbohydrate and with some protein works best for me.
  • I agree, I find cereal and scrambled eggs on toast work for me, protein and carbs.
    Take in plenty of fluids too and perhaps an energy drink, you need to be well hydrated beforehand.
  • I hear that the Windsor course is 'undulating' - does this mean there are some really difficult hills
  • Graeme,

    No it doesn't. Lots of people will tell you about Windsor being really hilly, but it isn't really. The hardest bit is the first mile up the Long Walk. After that, there really are just undulations, which are nothing to worry about.

    Enjoy it! It's an excellent race!

  • Can I muscle in on this thread and ask if it's possible to change names on race numbers, as in a friend of a friend is in the race but can't do it and they are offering it to me, can that be done? If so what would I need to do?
  • Caz

    As long as there the same sex as you, no one would ever know. Just do it and keep quiet.
    Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more...

  • Jason true, they are female too. But is it possible to change names or is that a definite no-no?
  • Caz, I'm not sure.
    have a look at

  • Cheers Jason.

    Just had a look at the site and rang them (I'm so honest) and they said it is possible and to call the race hotline and email them the details. Eek, not sure I should do it now, I've never done one before and the furthest I've run is 10 miles. Is this suicide? (I have a 10k race on the 22nd too.)
  • Caz, if you check the training schedules, most of them recommend that the furthest you need to run before a 1/2m is 10 miles. Based on that you'll have no problems. Not suicide at all. There will be loads of forum users there for support. Go on, have a go. You'll enjoy it!

    Is the 10k the week before the Nike 10k?
  • Jason, no I missed out on the Nike 10k, it filled up so quick! It's the Maidstone 10k (they have a 1/2 marathon the same day too).
  • I'm thinking about switching to the Maidstone 1/2 instead of the nike 10k. I need to up my mileage before the Dublin Marathon. Do you know if you can enter Maidstone on the day?
  • Yes you can, it's £10 for the 1/2 and £8 for the 10k on the day (you are allowed to enter both, good for upping your mileage and the combined entry fee on the day is £12). The website address is

    I'm not sure what the limits are though.
  • Thanks Caz.
    Maybe doing both would be suicide, but it's worth a try...
  • Nuts (Romford Runner) is doing both in prep for NY.
  • Dump the clanger, you'll be Ok
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