Get the pies ready!!!

Does this pacing look familiar? 

Well, it is for charity isn't it? image


  • i think he might actually be the Antichrist.
  • It's hardly a great time, either. 

    If you're going to cheat you might as well give yourself a respectable time.

    Pie the bastard!

  • I say we hunt him down ... image

  • Why isn't anything one about this? it's ridiculous! Surely if you miss out the 5k markers it is obvious something is up and FLM should disqualify you....
  • Hail Hail

    As someone who knows him from the local race scene, I can say that he does this at local 10ks too.  Round here everybody knows thats what he does, and (mostly) turn a blind eye.  However, at something like LM where he is depriving a determined runner of a place, I do think its unacceptable.  Personally I think he only does it for the goody bag and jelly babies!

  • Fecker. He could simply work the crowds to raise his charity money, instead of depriving someone of a place - and another charity of the subsequent money that that runer would raise. image
  • And arent wheeled things banned from FLM anyway ?

    Did anyone see how the giant Staypuft monster did ? The blokes at the start looked to be fading just lining up !
  • But surely when this was brought to the attention of the organisers last year they would have done something about it..image.............whose got bransons number so i can text him about it...
  • his pram tipped up right by where we were supporting on embankment. how do you get back on the course with all those people watching? There is nowhere to get in surely?
  • Lots of places to get onto the course - its only the massively busy bits that are barriered off - I'd say 90% of the course anyone can just join in.

    Even evil clowns.
  • I passed him near the start and made a mental note of it - remembering the thread from last year.  And lo and behold if I didn't have to pass him again much much later in the race image
  • I'm fairly certain I saw him coming along Embankment for the second time. Brightly coloured outfit, pushing a red trolley, yeah?
  • What can you do? As long as he is raising money. Same can be said for all those celebs who get a place at the expense of serious runners.

    I think we should remember the F (now V) LM, is a massive fund raising event, one could say a fun run, just like the Great North Run. You don't go there to get PBs - you spend half your time dodging slower, untrained runners who optimistically place themselves in aspirational finish time zones - but you expect that. It is an experience.

    There are plenty of nicer marathons and half marathons about where you can truly test yourself among some stunning scenery and they do not cost you an arm and a leg to enter!.

  • No, CF, you can't say the same for the celebs - they at least travel the full course, or give it their best and drop out if they can't manage it. They don't cheat by skipping most of the course but still crossing the finishing line.
  • The celebs all run for charity though dont they ? And they have the media spotlight on them - not even Jade dipped out and came back onto the course - I think she made it to 18 miles or so before collapsing ?

    Our big footed friend doesnt do that distance.
  • Care Free Whoever You May Be... wrote (see)

    What can you do? As long as he is raising money. Same can be said for all those celebs who get a place at the expense of serious runners.

    I think we should remember the F (now V) LM, is a massive fund raising event, one could say a fun run, just like the Great North Run.

    Raising money under false pretences though.

    People giving money to him think he is going to run the full course.

    It will be damaging for all charity fun runners if it gets out how much he cheats.

    Anyone trying to raise money through sponsorship will be doubted and people will think they don't really run the full course.

  • I think he's an outrageous cheat and TOTALLY agree with those slamming him - I can't believe he keeps getting a place from the organisers!!!  I know people say "if you cheat, you're only cheating yourself" but I think he is not only cheating those who sponsor him for doing a marathon (ie 26.2 miles!) but also the person that could have had his place instead...  I'm not entering for 2010 but will be going to watch instead - I shall tell him my opinions if he dares enter again!!!
  • GladragsGladrags ✭✭✭

    how predictable was this? surely anyone who misses out thjat many 5k markers should be officially disqualified? they can't be difficult to spot?

    have to say i don't think he was the only one - i definitely passed people on the embankment who looked like they could not have run 20 miles even under any circumstances. saw one guy in full cowboy getup (although think he did have trainers rather than boots on) - lookng fresh as a daisy...

  • I kinda feel a bit foolish now doing the full course. I should have run to tower bridge, gone for a cofffe and tucked back into the pack when they came past. GFA place here I come !
  • I'd have no problem giving money to someone who intended to do the distance but didn't.  It's the people who don't even intend to do the distance who need a thorough pieing.

    Gladrags, yes, I saw one bloke on the telly who ran a stupidly fast time (well sub-3) yet when he'd finished he looked like he hadn't even broken sweat.  Skinny guy, black, yellow vest, didn't even have a proper number - his just said "Wanjiru" on the front.  Cheating b***ard!

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