Red start question?

So the two times I've run London have been at the blue start. What time blocks (e.g (3.00-3.15) are the pens at the red start.s. Is it from sub 3 down. I doubt I'll get in via ballot but will run for a charity so will no doubt be at red start if I run. Was just curious.


  • Hi Robert Salter,

    I ran from the Red Start this year and put a predicted finish time of 3:55 on my entry and got pen 5.

    Hope this helps image

  • I think I saw that the RW paces are in odd numbered blocks at both starts. The sub 3 hours in pen 1, 8 minute milers (3:30) in pen 3, 9 minute miles (around 4 hours) pen 5 and so on.

    Doesn't quite work out, as I thought there were 6 pace groups, but only 9 pens. But that must be a rough idea of what happens. Maybe walk run & 11 minutes milers are both in pen 9???

  • 10 min mile pacer was pen 6 I think.

    I put down 3h59 and was pen 5

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    RS.. don't you have a GFA time from the last 2 years? If not just put 3hrs on your application and they might put you in the fast GFA start with the rest of us - only the one pen and it is at the front.
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