Toad Hall 10K, 28 June 2009

MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

This looks good, chaps ... another new race just arrived in the calendar. Appears to be mostly off-road along woodland trails. Pangbourne and Whitchurch are a lovely part of the world although it's fair to say the local terrain is a little - how can I put this gently? - sloping in places.

And you get a medal. I might just have to do this one, would be rude not to.

Anyone else?


  • Sounds nice but clashes with Sam Run which cubs can do too and occasionally I like to include the family in my obsession.

    Shame, I could carry on stalking you round Berkshire runs!image

  • Hi

     Thanks for starting off a forum for the race.  The course is probably about 40% off-road with the remainder on v.quiet tarmac lanes.  I managed to get out for a lap last night and the course was stunning, esp. the bluebells in the woods - I'll try and take the camera out v.soon and upload some pictures on the race website to give a pre-race fly thru.


  • A photo fly thru of the course is now on the front page of the website:

    The pictures are more of the off-road bits as they make for better images!  The start/finish is at the village green shown at the end - you need to imagine that beer tent & BBQ waiting........

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    That looks pretty cool. Complete with psychedelic transitions image

    I have a form at home (handed out at the Shinfield). Must fill it in.

    Personally I'm always happy to pay the extra for online entry (subtle hint!) but not everyone is ...

  • Hi

    We're getting a lot of feedback re online entry and therefore we will hopefully have this option up and running on the race website by mid week. 


  • Is it still 20p to get over the bridge?

  • I live nearby and its great running countryside - "sloping in  places" is fair but the country views and terrain will more than make up for it and it starts/finish at same point - looks well organised and good to support a new event - I will certainly enter,


  • Online entry is now up and running via the website

     I believe it's still 20p to cross the bridge - the company wants to raise it to 40p to be able to pay upfront for a replacement structure but a local campaign has forced a public enquiry


  • online entry seems to work - signed the wife and meself up. 

    race looks a good.  is there really gonna be a beer tent at the end??  with real ale??


  • For sure - we're speaking to our 3 local brewers to see what they can do for us.  We just need to know how thirsty you're all going to be??
  • Thanks for the info, sounds like a good event.
  • how cool is that.  10k run with local beer to finish.  if it's a warm day, there'll be no shortage of thirst, as long as there's some food to soak up the beer.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    This sounds better all the time - and is within cycling range of Muttley Towers in sunny Caversham.

    As regards pints after the race, mine's a Tetleys (tea, not beer!)

  • We'll have burgers etc on the BBQ to go with the beer and our talented school mum's will no doubt get baking some cakes to go with the tea.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    A nice run through the countryside ... tea and cakes ... BBQ .... what's not to like?

    Online entry quick and easy. I'm in!

  • could you please confirm you have received my postal entry please - thanks.
  • yes received thanks

  • Just seen the entry form for this . Looks great , my kind of event.

    Must remember to get the entry off

  • thanks Jon, I'm travelling a lot in June and wanted to make sure i'm in - looking forward to it
  • Sounds great...looking forward to burgers and beer at the end! Lol
  • Just signing up for the run today, Sunday, June 21st. Will I be sent a number etc or do i pick it up there?

     Looking forward to it - Graham

  • Jon,

    Signed up yesterday, can you confirm you have my down - Dean Oram

     Oh yeah how up and down is this course, I am still getting into this running game


  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Looks like it's going to be a warm and humid day ... mmmmm sweaty ...... see you there!
  • That was a tough tough run

     By no means a great runner my 1:10 showed that, but I came away happy. I will have nightmares about that course for a long time to come.

     Still looking forward to next years already, I am slowly improving and thats all I am in it for

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    That was indeed tough. I managed just under an hour, against a usual time of about 46-48 minutes on a good day. Those hills and the heat did me in. I often run past those stables on a Sunday morning long slow plod but but have always stuck to the plain by the river and not ventured up the big slope. After this morning, I think I'll damn well stick to the plain!

    Cups of tea and cake on the village green and beer for those who wanted it (not for me, thanks) in the sunshine all made for a nice day out. Although the post-race burger was incinerated rather than grilled ... 

    But I fear there might be something in the water in Whitchurch Hill. Some of the ladies at the stalls had a bit of facial hair issue image

  • I agree, a tough course, buy I enjoyed it (I think), but I've only just come to that decision. Half way thru, I decided never to do this course again but a few hours later I'm thinking about how to better my time for next year!
  • The hardest 10k I've ever done, the hills were relentless and the day very hot, I will be back next year to beat this years time, now that I know what to expect. Well done to the organisers as this was their inaugural race and it seemed to go pretty smoothly.
  • I agree - the toughest 10k i've done - beats Goring & Woodcote which is all uphill for the last 3.5km's.

    Very enjoyable course though and well organised

    Will be back to beat my time next year...

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