worn out soles

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Hi all

can anyone tell me, if my base soles are wearing out quick does that mean my trainers need replacing?

I seem to scuff when i run (i try not too but i seem to do it automatically!) so what s happening is that every 3-4 months the soles look really worn, i cant afford to change my trainers so frequently!

I average about 20 -25 miles per week, but more recently as training for edinburgh marathon.

surely a pair of trainers ie the stability, cushioning etc should still be in tact after few months?

should i get them resoled? any suggestions? cheers guys.


  • Shoes last about four to five hundred miles before they need replacing - so it could be that they need to go. Shoes are not that expensive if you compare them to the treatment you need to fix injuries through running in worn out shoes.
  • that's probably about the right time period for the mileage you do.  the cushioning won't still be in tact i'm afraid.  cougie's right though, keep on running in them and you could be facing large physio bills, or not being able to run at all.  shop around on the internet and you'll be able to find better prices, also buy last seasons (or earlier) trainers. 
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