Something in the Plod

XBXB ✭✭✭


I think I'm going to get very wet.


  • come to Korwich then

    it's lovely here image

  • so we hear
  • funny old morning - drove 40 minutes for a flute lesson that was cancelled

    and saw various students and worked on some research ideas a bit

  • sorry

    didn't mean to shout

    there was a boy in my class at school called Newman

    just that - it was that sort of school

    he was renowned for his flatulence

    you'll never guess his nickname when Something in the Air was released

  • just made a healthy tuna and pasta salad to take to LAL's for my tea

    that means my burgers for lunch don't count, right?

  • a man's just come to read my gas meter


    not a very exciting read

    there's been no gas in the entire building for over 2 years now

  • TetleyTetley ✭✭✭

    Might not stop em sending you a bill tho Yeo
  • they do but I always ignore them

    I owe them about three squid or something but I reckon they owe me that for the inconvenience of coming home from holiday and finding I had no means of cooking

    I spent more than that on a takeaway that night

  • true
  • is hot and thundery feeling here

    and I am still at w**k

    and out to the next w**k at 5.30

  • lordy
  • wake up plod pals
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    bank holiday in France 2moro- so I'm on holiday image. But no holiday Monday....
  • ah well

    Mayday mayday

  • we'll think of you on Monday, Olney
  • lol


  • while I go out for posh afternoon tea
  • and enjoy a stack of cakes
  • and insert the odd finger
  • sandwich
  • quite
  • night x
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