A Day Off For Every Mile You Ran

I have heard that after a marathon you should take a day off for every mile you have run.This seems excessive but have any of you ever done this and also if i want to do another marathon in October what should be the high mleage when returning to training or do i have to start the whole process/schedule again? 


  • agree with KK. Utter sloblock.

    I ran 52 miles on Saturday. Should I therefore sit around eating pies until the end of June?

    Listen to your body...it will tell you if you need to rest (and by rest I mean doing less, not nothing)

  • ....I do like pies KK. I think I will be makig a chicken and mushroom one this weekend.

    Geezer....one other thing....depends also on what you want to do?

    I.E. - do you want to be 'marathon fit' through the summer? Would you like to ease off the gas a little bit? Would you want to lose most of your fitness and more or less start again?

    If the 1st option - keep mileage fairly high, and stick in an 18-20 mile run every other weekend...you might need to then only put in one longer 22 miler before 'race day'.

    2nd option - run equally as frequently as #1, but reduce distances a little - long run of 15 miles every other weekend.....you would then pick things up about 6 weeks before your next marathon.

    3rd option - eat pies....run a couple of times a week....maybe upto 10k.

  • I'm glad you said that KK (about the running, not the pies)

    I've been out and I feel fine. I took Monday off, but I could probably have bimbled on Tuesday. I actually ran yesterday.

    Today I might have a pie....image

  • I've never heard about taking a day off for every mile. What I have heard is that (assuming you give the marathon 100% effort - which we all do image) then it takes about 1 day per mile for your legs to fullyrecover. That doesnt mean that you shouldn't train, though you should probably do more of your runs at "recovery" pace after a race.

    Obviously this isn't a hard and fast "scientific" calculation, but like a lot of "runners lore" it probably has some merit. I know that while I run (and occasionally race) soon after a marathon it does take a few weeks before my legs feel 100% again.

  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    I ran tues and again today, I just think you have to listen to your body.  Everyone is different.  I would be going mad and putting on weight if I took 26 days off!! Besides I have a club race at the dome next thurs image 

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • I'd look like this......


  • I read this advice in Runners World... thought it sounded like guff. I'd go with the Listen To Your Body thang...
  • I haven't run yet either but I feel as if I could! I plan to do 4 miles on Friday then 7 on Sunday.

    I've got a few 10k's coming up and I'm hoping for a new pb or 2. image

  • Gasp @ Liverbird.  image image   Getting me kit straight on.

  • <wonders where Liverbird got the pic of me image >
  • I'm deffo doing the listen to your body thing. Sometimes after a marathon I'm running a day or two after. This year - I am definitely not ! All depends how hard you had to push.
  • One-sized fits all approaches can 'generally' be disregarded by 'most' people i reckon.

    Agree with listen-to -your-body approach.

     It's easier to overdo it than to rest too much!

    Pizza vs pies? Pizza everytime. Salmon & dill please!

  • ...oooh maybe I will make a pizza tonight for my tea then???

    im listening to my body and at the moment Mr Tummy is talking to me.

  • Yes exactly what i thought,listen to the body however this months edition of RW has pe marathon schedule that states no running till next Sunday.The thing is you may feel great but whats going on with the joints ,bones etc. I do like pizza,pies suggestions and any other other food for that matter,yep thats why i like to run long distances!   Liverbird,looking good  but lay off the pies for nowimage
  • image I like the sound of a salmon and dill pizza.......
  • I like the sound of any pizza.  Nobody said anything about not carrying on carbo-loadingimage

    I'm glad someone else asked the original question, I got the RW marathon training e-mail that said no running for a week and thought it was cobblers too.  Ran a couple of very gentle miles last night and although my quads screamed for half a mile, I felt loads better afterwards and am actually walking downstairs forwards today.

    Don't they also suggest recovery runs somewhere in the blurb?

  • What shall we have for pud now we've decided on our tea? image
  • I'm unsure about most things i read

    for example - we've been busy for weeks now, there's been consecutive races for weeks -

    Our diary all year round can be gruelling - and we've just run Shakespeare FM in 5:05 - our 3rd FM this year -

    this is to follow, it's Just May

    Our race diary for May

    Sunday 3 May - Exeter GWR HM
    Monday 4 May - Coventry 5
    Tuesday 5 May - Silverstone 10k
    Wednesday 6 May - DK 10k

    Sunday 10 May - Tewkesbury HM
    Wednesday 13 May - Rugby 6 ??
    Sunday 17 May - Boddington Ultra ( hoping for FM on the 2.2 mile loop )
    Sunday 24 May - Wokingham HM
    Sunday 31 may - Northbrook 10k

    and within reason, i'm will make most of it look EASY

  • Apple and blackberry crumble with custard for me this eveningimageimage.
  • LOL

    puddings - they are fattening

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