Isotonic Drink Powder - Recommendations when weight is an issue

Hi All

Am hiking across Northern Spain in August, there's not going to be a massive amount of places to buy things and its going to be hot. I want to take an isotonic drink mostly to replace what is lost through sweat (rather than any energy needs). I know lucozade do powder but I got a free sample and it seemed quite bulky for what I'll need (am carrying it all on my back and will require a 20 day supply).

Whats the best alternative, would be happiest if I could take the bare minimum of weight and like I say the energy requirement is minimal and is purely as rehydration (not bothered about taste much either).

Any suggestions or should i just cover my food in a combo of Salt and Lo-Salt?



  • I'd try Nuun tabs . Try
  • or diarolyte (sp?)......
  • Try High5 energy drink or 4:1 (includes protein) in sachets.
  • another vote for high5 - I like the fact that they don't use artifical sweetners - tastes good as well.
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    I quite like nuun - there are other similar tablets. Don't use the cola flavour ones - taste yucky imho, prefer lemon and lime. I do like them in sparkling water though. Only draw back is they have chemical sweetners, if your happy with that then ok. - zero cals.
  • Cheers for the advice there people! Will go for the Nuun and High5 and see which I prefer!


  • I think the Nuun cola flavour has added caffeine as well so  beware if your planning on taking a few!

  • Not being funny, but if you just want hydration and maybe some salt replacement, then why not just water and salt with meals, like you say?

    Maybe the terms are misleading you. "Isotonic" means the same concentration as your blood; that is to say an isotonic sports drink has as much sugar as possible just short of the point of being hypertonic that your stomach would start to pull water out of your blood by osmosis because it is a more concentrated solution . So pure water is hypotonic; that is to say there is osmosis from your stomach to blood because blood is the more concentrated solution - what you want to offset dehydration.  Apologies if this is already clear to you.

    After a quick search I see one website that suggests you could take at least some sugar, even though you don't feel you need much: "Where water replacement is the first priority an isotonic or moderately hypotonic solution containing glucose and sodium will be most effective."


  • Nuun or Zym, same thang dude. Brillant
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