Grant & Stone Marlow 5

Anyone up for this one?


  • I'm up for this one! going on hols the next day, so a fast run might help me sleep on the plane!

    anyone done this before & can offer any comments on the course?

  • it's flat and fast, starts and finishes in the park next to the river, it winds it's way around the streets of Marlow onto and through the industrial estate and back onto a housing estate back into town. Only one water stop at about halfway. it can be a bit congested for the first mile or so. It's normally a sell out.
  • Looking forward to this one. Got a 5 mile race tomorrow, so will be good to have a time to judge it against. hopefully not too hot a day if only 1 water station. image
  • Good luck in your 5 tomorrow, where is it?

    I'm going to be at thornborough to watch some of my family in the 5 mile fun run. we will be hoping for a first in the female junior class. As we will be at Marlow, where my step daughter will be running. 

  • Thanks, it was the Henley Fun Run, 5 miler, not a bad course, was a bit congested getting away at the start so I def. dropped a bit of time there, but a nice stretch of the legs after 10k at Dorney lake on saturday. Bit of a wet course with the rain at the start!

     Hope your daughter gets a first in junior class - best of luck to her.

  • We had a good day at Thornbourgh, Jade my stepdaughter had a hard track meeting on Sunday, so decided to run with Tigeress her mother instead of going for the win. They both really enjoyed running together as they don't get to do it often.

    Marlow and the fun run at the Penn 7 are road races we will really be hoping to see her do well in. She won first  female junior at Penn last year. It all depends who else turns up. looking at past results she's in with a good chance.

    I've never done Henley or Dorney lake before. I've often wanted to  run the Henley !/2 but it's always clashed with something else.

    What time will you be hoping for at Marlow?

  • One hopes to approach 40 minutes having run a herd fought 42 and a half at Pednor yesterday.

    Runners beware - I nearly seriously damaged the crown jewels last year as there are concealed bollards durng the run - Marshalls - please warn runners about the bollards. Because the road narrows into an alley of sorts an it is congested the bollards do not come to one's attention until it is too late............................. 

  • OWWW That sounds painfull!!!  I think I know where you mean.

    I like Pednor thats where I first met my fiancee Tigeress.  The hill near the finish goes on for a lot longer than you expect. Was there a good turn out for it?

    I used to live in Chesham and run the second part of the course home from work.

  • Well

    etween your Cyber jaws ad your Fiancee's Tigress jaw you appear to be a couple with a lot of bite. Its the first hill I found that breaks one's will and removes the desire to live-  perhaps that is a bit of an exaggeration.

     Keep on running.

  • I don't want to sound big headed but I found that hill a lot easier then I expected it to be. I used to do most of my training up Wendover woods and if you have ever run up there your'll understand why.It Broke Tigeress' legs and I left her halfway up it. I looked out for her but I never saw her after the race, and didn't expect to see her again, untill she caught me up halfway around Marlow 5, and we started meeting up at races after that, and became good friends.
  • Is it still too late to enter this race?. If so can i still enter online?. I was not sure if its full
  • I've just looked at the handy cross runners website and it doesn't say it's full. But the closing date for postal entries was the 1st May. I think they have increased the entry limit again this year. So there might still be places. There is someone you can contact on their website with any questions. Good luck hope you get an entry.
  • I did this race and PB'd here a couple of years ago, I loved it, it rained just as i was finishing it and chucked it down in the car on the way home! I remember the slight congestion at the start but it was fine by the first mile and lots of support at the end.

    I'll always remember getting home and my housemate was still in bed and she said she felt so guilty that i'd been up, driven 30 miles, raced and driven home before she'd even got out of bed!

  • It's a good race, a bit twisty in parts but it's a fair course and well organised. There are a lot of casual runners enter this one though and the segregation at the start is not brilliant, so it can take a bit of time to get properly up to speed as you dodge the people who were too far forward.
  • Be my first attempt at this race.  Hope its a good day tomorrow.  Good luck everyone
  • Aaaaah - it is most satisfying to get a PB. Nothing spectaculatr but PB is good.
  • Hi Guys, Congratulations to all that did the Marlow5. Hope you enjoyed the day. Results are now online here ->

  • Enjoyed that and as my first five mile run I got myself a PB.  Well done to Handy X Runners for a well organised event.  Enjoyed recovering by the side of the Thames on a sunny morning image.  Also good support from the Marlow residents.  Appreciated the two youngster with their water pistols as I was getting a bit hot by then image
  • We had another good morning in Marlow.   wot a lovely day for a race made all the more special as Jade won the junior girls category in 38:45 to set a new Pb. Once again Handycross joggers put on a very well organised race.  With a fantastic goody bag. We don't want to sound ungrateful but we did think a trophy would have been a better prize for the junior winners, than a John Lewis voucher. WE stood by the Grant and Stone banners just before the finish line and was amazed how many runners we had to shout at to keep going as they fought they had just crossed the finish line. I think the organisers need to think about the way they can prevent this in the future. Maybe a 100 meter board would be a good idea. Apart from these two small points, we would all like to thank all the organisers and Marshall's for making this another great race.  

    We hope everyone else had a good day,


  • Well done to everyone that ran today, a great sunny morning. Must admit found it alittle strange to finish so early. Used to longer races/ training, first short race of the year(under 10miles). Will plan a few more I am sure.   A very well run race with a great goody bag.  I ran a PB as well never attempted a five mile race, finished in 33:00.

  • A great event, that I think is at a good time of day.

    I got so much done in the afternoon!

    Does anyone know if there were any photographers out on the course?  I like to laugh at myself when I see what state I'm in.

    My perception - I was floating, gazelle-like around the course

    Photo/Reality - puffing, plodding and dragging myself around the course image

  • A lovely run in the sun!

     Not a PB but enjoyed myself, well organised and great atmosphere.

     Think these guys were doing the photos

  • Shame there's none of me.

    Thanks for the link though

  • has anyone had the result book yet or the dvd as we payed for one and are still waiting for it.
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