Is it worth getting sky just so I can watch the cycling on Europsort?

And do they ever show triathlons on there?


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    you do get the odd tri on sky but not very often

    I have sky but will be ditching it soon - in reality it's waste of money imho. I ditched it last year but was tempted back mainly so I could watch rugby over winter but I am going to ditch it again when the season has finally finished

    you can follow a lot of sport live on the internet for no extra cost

  • don't think you see any cycling on the internet though.image

    The cheapest I've been quoted is £18.50 per month. 

    Just don't want to miss Tour de France or the Giro.

  • Eurosport does show most of the classics and tours but I have only occasionally seen Triathlons on it, Iron man Hawaii springs to mind.

    The Biathlons and crosscountry skiing in the winter are good viewing

    Oh I get mine through Virgin Media and there are some goddish deals

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    al - TdF highlights will be on C4 for an hour each evening - that's good enough for me as you can follow the live feed online during work hours.......
  • Tried Virgin but they don't have cable down here in Devon yet, lol!

    Yeah FB, highlights are good. Maybe I should just forget about the Giro then.

    What a shame *sobs into cycling jersey* image

  • giro and tdf coverage is good on eurosport.  classics are covered fairly well.  ITV coverage is ok i guess although the annual topics of cyclists shaving their legs and how do they go to the toilet does get a bit boring.  remember reading a magazine once and they were saying how shocking it was there weren't any toilets for the tdf and they all had to go at the side of the road. 
  • JD. wrote (see)
     ITV coverage is ok i guess although the annual topics of cyclists shaving their legs.... does get a bit boring. 
    JD, that never ever gets boring especially close ups of shaved legs!!image

  • I have eurosport on Virgin but never remember to look for things to watch on it. Eurosport isn't on freesat or whatever is it ?

  • what abot eurosport player for £4 per month
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    Eurosport is only with subscription channels these days WA which is a great shame
  • C5 usually show a 40min prog on IM races at 3 in the morning or whatever ? Dont think you see any on Eurosport though.

    I think that the TdF is being shown in Hi Def this year on Eurosport.
    I've not got a HiDef tv - but this could swing it for me. Well that and the Attenborough nature programmes really.

    You can subscribe to on the net - but thats not as good as tv I reckon.

    ES may be on freeview - thats worth a look ?
  • WildWill. wrote (see)
    what abot eurosport player for £4 per month

    that looks good and certainly loads cheaper!!!

    Cougie, I'm on freesat at the mo and they don't have ES

  • Er, fb, Lions Tour?
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    well - yeh - might have to wait to cancel after that..........image

  • oh yeah, HD, i have a hd tv these days but i can't bring myself to spend an extra £10 per month to get the HD feed.
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    You can get most of the big races for free including the grand tours on the internet if you know where to look - which just means looking on Bike Radar forum for the threads where people ask where they can see a live feed for whatever race.   

    The quality is a bit variable though - and the commentary isn't always English - so unless it's a really key stage/race you probably wouldn't want to bother.    I do pay out for Eurosport - their cycling coverage is getting much better - this year most of the classics were on for a couple of hours plus and they also have stage races like Tour of Turkey, California, Paris Nice, Dauphine etc plus some little races and every stage of the three Grand Tours.   And you get the UK Premier Calendar repeated about a dozen times each race.  

  • Pops - the Rutland Classic is on TV on Sunday - 7.30 I think ? That looks a cracking race. The Brit version of Paris Roubaix.
  • Cougie, any idea where I can see the starting list for the Rutland? Googling brings up only rubbish....
  • Cougie - Which channel is Rutland-Melton showing on. 

    I got out to the course early on Sunday morning and the gated road over the "Somerberg" was open, so it would have been rude not to have cycled over it, wouldn't it?  image  (BTW, I found that having rode both, the Somerberg is quite tame in comparison to Wallers-Arenberg).

    Arctic Lady - Here's the start list for Rutland-Melton.

  • Thanks mr. Bump.

    V cool, there is a team called Arctic-Premier Racing, looks like I'll have to support them!!!image

  • Actually, we pick up continental Eurosport for free off our digital antenna, it has really great sports coverage and a choice of languages, we programmed ours to the English commentary because in all honesty the German commentary really sucks!

  • Anybody with a mac that knows how to sort out Eurosport on it?

    I know I need to install the firefox plugin which I'm sure I've done. But when I go to the eurosport test video it still doesn't play.

    Please getting desperate not watching the Giro!!!!

  • I have Flip4Mac the free version, should I buy the pro version, would that do the trick?
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