The Spirit of Plodio


And a lovely one it is too.

5 wonderful bouncy miles plodded and a couple of hours in a dance studio to look forward to.

It's rock and roll Bowland style


  • lol

    6.5 miles plodded with 2x 0.5 mile warm up first to feed the pussy

  • I see Bobbis has been looking at pron again... The older style is called a 'threaded stem,' and has an interesting design.  In order to adjust the stem height, you must first loosen the top stem bolt two or three turns and then bang it down with a soft hammer. This releases an internal wedge.
  • that explains all the banging
  • that's enough of that filth

    want to get us cazzed?

    morning btw

    from the corner, obviously

  • I guess she wanted it higher. Or was she putttting it down requiring a more bent over position. The latter, of course, helps when there's wind.
  • she wanted it higher
  • sore nowafter walking 5 miles or so
  • Kid B bought a checked shirt and a two tone type hat - very fem image
  • lol

    well done on the wa*k

  • Well done those that have managed to plod

     I polished my car today if that counts

    Will mount the treadmill next week image

  • I fancy that turtle ice stuff
  • Britain's got talent is PAINFUL

    I hate it

  • That's why I'm out here.

    The girls love it.

  • me an' all

    why am I watching it then?

  • (realises how sad the turtle ice remark was)
  • wasn't the violin awful?
  • the Harry Secombe kwality singer didn't bother me - but prob would if I was a sniger
  • yes she was

    and he could be good with some vocal training

  • that interesting
  • I kind of thought his oral was ok in a slightly nervous way
  • although I more than recognise that excess vibrato through nerves thing
  • OWTS is away and we have been overwhelmed by his interest and concern in his children

  • oh no, my bad, he hasn't answered his messages

  • night
  • hmmmmm

    g'night x

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