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My wife and me have a 20 month old i am a keen runner  but my wife is just starting she has a place for the GN half and is struggling to train,we were sold a Baby jogger as a running buggy and after sending it back twice for repairs we have been informed the it is not for running any quicker than 4 MPH. We are looking for a proper running buggy hopefully second hand after just spending over £200 on a buggy that is of no use for us.

Please help


  • We bought one, and it was practically useless. Moreover time goes so quickly he/she will be too big or active to stay in it. Spend your money on babysitters instead, far more effective.
  • Not sure why you're having problems - we have this one:

    baby jogger performance

    It has done many miles over the last couple of years with our baby and our 5 year old. We do the 10 mile school run with it, and my wife finds it invaluable. Never had any trouble. Our 5 year old has just got too big for it, which is annoying, so now she's on the bike, but the baby goes out for up to a couple of hours a day, and loves it. ( we go faster than 4mph!)

  • How do you get them to sit in it ? Mine is 21 months and it has been impossible to keep him in a buggy for about the last 3. He is far more likely to want to actually run than sit still !
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Get up enough speed and they wont dare get out.
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    I've got the babyjogger performance too and its been fab, had no problems with it whatsoever

     Little one is 16 months old now but is getting a tad wriggly in it so I try and get out when its near nap time and 9 times out of 10 he falls asleep in the jogger. 

  • we've never had that problem - both kids find it exciting when they first get in, the 18 month year old giggles away when we start running, and then is usually asleep within 10 mins.
  • I have this one.

    BabyJogger II

    Its the muts nuts.

  • do you work for babyjogger?

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