Sports earphones

Can anybody recommend some decent sports earphones. The ones with my ipod are poo - they get all sweaty and the sound quality is poor.

 I've seen sennheiser pmx80 which look ok, but am happy to woden the net to others.


  • ClagClag ✭✭✭
    I've got the sennheiser ones you mention. They are very good but I have found that on runs of more than a couple of hours they do start to hurt a bit. That said, I tend to get fed up with the music by then too, and can quite happily run with them around my neck.
  • When you say hurt is that because the headband pushes them into your ears?
  • ClagClag ✭✭✭
    I think it probably is.
  • I use ones which have a clip that you slide around your ear, and kind of sit like a pad over the ear as opposed to being 'in ear' as I find in ear hurt after a while, mine are panasonic, and known as ear clip headphones (I get all mine off ebay)
  • I use the pmx80 and like them as they stay in place (normal earphones always pulled out when i looked either side before crossing the road).

    Look for them online, will be a lot cheaper than buying in the shop - bought some for the wife about 6 months ago for around £16 from amazon private seller. i also got mine off the net about 2 years ago but can't remember who from but for same sort of price

  • I have the PMX70 sportband ones in lime green and blue. They are really comfortable and are great to just hang around your nexk if you don't need them/use them all the time
  • Also have the PMX70 and I think they're great.  Only problem is no use lying down as the band sticks out at the back.  But if you only use them when upright then no complaints.
  • The new MX85 (orange) are great - no headband so no hassle, and the head phone twists in your ear and stays put.
  • Hot Tub Alci wrote (see)
    The new MX85 (orange) are great - no headband so no hassle, and the head phone twists in your ear and stays put.

    Wow, they look space age!

    What does the little pad at the topof them do? Does that hold them in place at the top of your ear or something?

  • Something like that Mark. They are pretty much the same as the old version of the MX75 - I've had them for about 3 years and they are fab at staying put and the sound aint half bad either.
  • I would try before you buy Mark - I don't think they suit everyone's lugholes.
  • I've recently bought some JVC ones with memory foam ear inserts. They were about £20 from HMV and have yet to come out whilst running. I usually have problems with earphones falling out but these have been great so far.


    I would have thought silicone was better than foam for sweat? I use the above Soundwise S6. The soft detachable hook keeps them firmly in place. They were not dead cheap but they sound good and are well made. I break earphones easily and they took me a year to break, the warranty is two years image and the replaced with no fuss.
  • Flat FootedFlat Footed ✭✭✭
    The ones that twist to fit in the ear come with a slection of other sized bits that you can change till you find the right ones to suit, took me a while but now they work just fine. Never been sure about the lime green colour though,beleive they come in a nicer orange now.
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