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 Am due to run glasgow womens 10k for 7th time next weekend and just discovered am pregnant (4 weeks) I'm now anxious about the safety of taking part.  This probably is a bit daft as ran 7 miles last Thursday with no problems.  I've read that it can be dangerous to get overheated and that you shouldn't push your pulse rate above 140.  Does anyone know any more about this?


  • My son, now 21 months did the Cadiff Half, the Tour of Torfaen, The Sodbury Slog, The Pembrey Multi Terrain 10 and the Lliswerry 8. The only effects seem to be that he is blimmin active !

    The wife didn't know she was in the club for the first 3 of those races and ran them full steam. She ran (albeit didn't race) right the way thru her pregnancy right up until her waters broke.

    My instinct though would be that nothing too strenuous ?
  • Jane,

    Congrats on your pregnancy!  I ran until 36 weeks pregnant during which I did quite a few races (last @ 26 weeks) - I just didn't push myself and ran at a comfortable pace making sure I didn't get too hot.   You should visit the Pregnant Runners Thread or the Mums thread as many of us there ran and raced throughout pregnancy.

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Same here, did a 10k at 5 weeks pregnant without knowing it and then carried on running up to the night before Thomas was born, did last race (well plod) at 7 months.
  • I've been running through my pregnancy (I'm 5 months) and I'm doing ok. I ran 10k at 8 weeks after chatting to my doctor and things were fine.
    Could you talk to a doctor or midwife?
    Maybe check the NHS site for advice, I found some good stuff here too 

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