Myofacial therapy

Has anyone ever had the above, not the one with the roller but when the physio uses gentle manipulation of the muscles/ Myofacial sheath to root out the cause of your pain.

I thought i had shin splints but today i discovered that i ahd scar tissue from a knock that i sustained to my calf, cant recall injuring it.

I experienced some strange sensations which were all very pleasant(not something you associate with physio's image ) so the telling time will be when i go for a run tommorrow, if it has worked then i will know instantaneously as the pain should be gone or minimal, and do you know what that means.

After 2 weeks of not running, my Edinburgh marathon will be back on and hopefully with a decent time, fingers crossed.



  • Hi Mark, I use myofascial release techniques regularly with good effect. Very effective for trigger points too.

    You can't beat a professional doing it, but for DIY treatments get a foam roller and... s l o w l y.... roll over any tight spots until you feel the tissue soften and release. Great for quads, ITB and calves image

  • Yes, i have a roller and use it at times, it's strange how much pain you can cause yourself and carry on.
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