Vaseline vs Body Glide

I use  vaseline on my toes to help prevent blisters but I am now upping my distance and I'm starting to suffer on the outside of my big toes.  I have tried every combination of socks/shoes and have accepted that I can't stop blisters altoghther.

 I've never used Body Glide (or equivalent products) and wondered if it would do a better job of keeping me blister free.

 Any advice appreciated.


  • I'd use vaseline on the feet personally, but I use a LOT of it and really slap it on!

    I like bodyglide on my boobs and bum......image

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  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    have you tried corn plasters, tape or compeed instead??? sticking a physical barrier between your socks and feet may help
  • Sudocrem is FABULOUS on a chafed bum......


  • FB, yes I do use compeed when I've got blisters and try slapping on the vaseline on top of compeed.  Not sure whether this achieves anything or not!
  • I love bodyglide and used almost a whole stick of it for the marathon. Didn't have a single blister ANYWHERE! Or an chaffing for that matter. So as far as I'm concerned it does the job perfectly.
  • I'm a Bodyglide convert.  But if you use alot on your feet, Vas will be cheaper. 

    If you're getting a lot of blisters though, are your shoes big enough/wide enough/ laced properly?  I don't think you should have to accept that blisters just happen and have to be put up with.

  • BDB I've had loads of pairs of shoes all fitted by "proper" running shops so I have kind of accepted that blisters are part of running image.  I do have narrow feet - might this be a contributory factor?
  • No idea on the narrow feet.  Have you tried twin skin socks?  Or even thicker ones?  Sorry if you've tried them all already.
  • tricialitttricialitt ✭✭✭

    KS: I've tried : bigger trainers, (then told "too big" at running shop), various socks (currrently switching away from wool- type to "X socks"- seem better), vaseline ( certainly makes a gooey mess- dunno f it really helps), toe cap protectors from boots ( toe turns to sweaty mush inside it!- and you'd need to increase shoe size again to accomodate)- my blisters form at the tips of my toes, and under my toenails, so that my toenails are all in constant disrepair- I don't know the answer, but you're not alone!

    If you find the answer- please let me know!

    PS my feet are wide, so it ain't narrow feet that's the problem

  • I love body glide, I have one with built in sunscreen so less to carry.

      I did have an amusing incident in the ladies loos near london bridge last year befor the marathon. i walked in to find two young women with a tub of vaseling asking each other where they should pit it...I helpfuly pointed out that anything which can and might rub against anything else should be covered as it hurst if you run that far and dont. I talk from painful experience and now run comando.

  • I use body glide and never really had any blisters with it. I thought the main benefit over Vas is it does not stain your clothes. As nobody sees the socks  this isn't really an issue so sometimes use vaseline on the feet

  • LIVERBIRD wrote (see)
    I like bodyglide on my boobs and bum......image
    That could be construed in so many wrong ways Liver! image
  • I know........image

    You'll have to take that at face value though! I didn't mean it in a rudie way - honest! image

  • Okay i believe you thousands wouldn't image
  • Whatever you do, don't use Compeed blister plasters as prevention. Did that last year for my first marathon where my shoes had been rubbing (thought it would last better than vaseline) and got terrible blisters UNDER the plasters. image Still have the scars from them! Good luck. Suppose have the people at the running shops any advice?

  • bodyglide gets my vote.

  • at what distance does it really become a problem?

    i haven't really suffered much so far (up to HM distance)

  • i find it's more the temperature than the distance that causes me to chafe.

    i don't really suffer from blisters on my feet at all, but the tops of my thighs and my nipples will start to bleed if it's really cold and they're rubbing together.

  • i've had the occasional nipple problem but only sensitive/painful in the shower, not to the bleeding stage.

    i usually try the vaseline option when going 10 miles+

  • How do your nipples rub against the top of your thighs?
  • JJ2JJ2 ✭✭✭

    How do they rub together at all?

  • Lanacane is better than both Vaseline or Bodyglide IMHO.

  • if its your feet that are the problem have you tried injinji socks

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭
    You lot go to fastimage I'm a slow plodder, no blisters anywhereimage
  • I've done a couple of ultras and have never suffered with blisters thankfully. I put nothing on my feet except socks and shoes. I do however make sure my toenails are well trimmed to avoid any irritation of toenails. Anywhere else likely to chaff i.e. nipples and my gentleman's regions, I go for Bodyglide. I've used it for 3 or 4 years now and think it is excellent. You only have to suffer chaffing once and then a hot shower to ensure it never happens again. 

  • Trim nail and file smooth. Used Vaseline and went flying in the ath when get out! Beware
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