Sucked in by other runners on training runs?

I had a 5 miler scheduled for today, and as all I've done since I started running again is steady mileage, I was toying with the idea of making it a progression or a tempo running. Spent all day changing my mind and still hadn't decided when I set off, so I started steady (7:30mm ish) but after a couple of miles something made my mind up for me.

I came up behind another runner going up a hill on the golf course, I didn't speed up at all but because he was taking it easy I went past him naturally. However ,when I pulled a few yards ahead I think he decided he wanted to race as he came past me quite quickly (6:30ish). I couldn't resist then so I quickened up and followed on his shoulder for a couple of miles. After a couple of miles I decided to turn off as I didn't want to overdo it.

The funny thing is, when I was following him I felt great and had no idea how hard we were running, but as soon as I was on my own again I realised I was tired ( I had plenty left, but I was tired)

Does anyone else find it hard not to follow other runners? It was good to know that there's plenty in the tank though, although I have to behave for the rest of the week now! It did remind me of some of the things I love about running though. Made me really want to joing a club to have some people to run with.


  • No i never have that problem because i can never keep up with anyone.
  • I got chatting to a local runner once on a training run. Don't know if chatting is the right word as I was 'eye-balls' out !! He was in a different league to me and a couple of days later, I couldn't run for 6 weeks as I'd aggravated my hamstring. (my own fault)

    I can't understand why people seem afraid of joing clubs.

  • Andy Benfold wrote (see)

    Does anyone else find it hard not to follow other runners?

    No, because each time I go out,  I have a particular run to do (lsr, steady, timed splits etc) so I know what I have to do in that run and never get distracted by what others are doing.   And I know my abillity, so when I come across someone fitter/faster/better than me etc, I admire them, envy their abillity but stick to what I've got to do.

    As the meerkat says "simples"

    Also, I've just joined a club and that's when I do my "keeping up with the others bit" - pushes me sufficiently out of my comfort zone to be beneficial and make me feel "job well done" when I get home.

  • No, I hardly ever see other runners when I go out and if I do, they're going the other way to me.
  • CJBA - I bet you did all your homework on time when you were in school too didn't you......image

    I feel suitably chastised! 

  • Andy , u really need to join a club bud as you find most club runs turn into fast runs where youre hanging on but boy do these runs give you confidence when u have to dig in!!!

    Thet also bring on your fitness too!!

  • I was overtaken by a "young man" when I was out for a run the other night. On review of garmin data I appear to have sped up for so long as I could keep his rear view in sightimage.  Not complaining, great motivationimage.
  • Yes I have been sucked in by runners during a race. They overtake me and I stick to them for as long as I can. Once went for a tempo run and went past some woman easily, next thing I know is she's sped up trying to keep up with me. Was never going to happen but why do they try? Just run your own run.

    I even see club runners running beside each other in competitons or in intervals, again, run your own run!

  • Andy Benfold wrote (see)

    CJBA - I bet you did all your homework on time when you were in school too didn't you......image

    Can't remember that far back, I'm afraidimage  Come to think of it,don't think they'd invented homework in those days....................inkwells in desk, black and white tv...................image

    Actually, I'm just lucky in that I don't get distracted - don't ask me how, just the way I'm madeimage  but I also know that if I push myself to catch up with someone rather than running at the appropriate pace, chances are that  I'll end up knackered after a few mins, so not worth the effort.......................imageimage

  • PS, do give a club a go though, I've only been for a few sessions but would really recommend it.
  • image I was going to post something similar Foxy Lady about when I followed a young lady during a race, but daren't image

    Seriously though, during a race, I do and try and follow someone that runs at my pace, less wind resistance I figure

  • Get sucked in all the time, I reguarly train with a club mate who runs 33 min/10K against my 40min/10K. When were out on our long runs chatting the pace just goes up above my happy level. Plus side is that I have broken my PB at every distance from 5K - Mrathon in the past 18 months, a fact which I put down to being pulled along by my club mate.
  • Now that is the positives of being sucked in by someone faster, but some people get sucked in by slower runners which is not good.
  • Nah slower runners get left behind or get the same bonus by running with me that I get by running with faster runners.
  • I run in Hyde Park so there's always runners in front/just behind... I can't resist trying to overtake people,  sometimes it really tires me out though so they end up running past me again 10 minutes later... oh well.
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