New York Marathon 2009



  • Hill Hunter. I was thinking about you on my run this morning! The phrase "my only marathon so far" came to mind. In that case, I would not recommend Advanced Marathoning. For only your second I recommend that you Google Hal Higdon and use one of his schedules. IMHO, one needs to have some exerience with all the elements of training and with what your body responds how to before safely doing the Pfitzinger schedules. The risk of injury is too high if, for instance, you don't already know how to do smooth transitions instead of sudden acceleration in strideouts, etc. On the other hand, I think you can improve substantially just by training for your second marathon, whatever programme you use. I would definitely recommend Pfitz for your third and several subsequent marathons, though. I hope this helps.
  • Thanks for all the advice!

    On the travel front, probably will end up flying so I can spend more of the time off that I have from work in New York rather than gazing out at the Atlantic, as much as I'd like to try that at some point!

    Think the 2:09 travel and entry package is the way to go - and get friends to book separately flights and we'll do accommodation together.

    On the training front L'ardvark, I need to introduce more mileage while getting speed in the legs! At the moment I have been concentrating on speed with a couple of 5ks (20mins) and 10ks (41mins). Am doing the Bupa 10,000 then want to start stepping up to half-marathons and beyond. Just what I do in between that feels a bit aimless right now so I definitely want to use a plan. Think a running club's probably a good idea as well as your suggested Hal Higdon plan. Last time when I did a marathon I was well within myself in terms of training and have never really taken it even semi-seriously before so hope I can find time just by stepping it up a bit! The only downside is a slight tweak in my left knee at times which I want to protect!

  • I'm in the ballot too and the results are out next Tuesday.

    Ive done New York before and I enjoy it so much that I took over 6 hours lat time (2006)

    I got one of the last coaches last time and saw the start of the wheelchair race from the coach.

    I have stayed on the Upper West Side the last two times so I could walk down to the pasta party which was great fun.  

  • L' ardvark. Didn't do a post race report for Tokyo. Didn't know you could for overseas races! It is a fast course with a few minor hills (mainly from half way onwards if I remember correctly). Got a PB of 3.44 so was overjoyed!!!! It was pretty surreal as being in Japan felt like I was in another world and I still felt like a newbie to marathon running. It was one of the most amazing experiences i have ever had and would recommend it to anyone. I went with 2:09 events with only 4 of us on the tour. It was slightly unorganised as there were no 2.09 reps with us so quite often the itinerary didn't always go as plan but things always seemed to work themselves out.

    NotCat. Thanks for the heads up on Edinburgh. Heard that it is a pretty fast course but not sure how I will fair as I've never done 2 marathons in a month and not sure what training I should really be doing between the two. I'm basically following the same plan I used for the last month before london (from RW training schedule) and hoping it works image.  Will definatley look into Pfitzinger & Douglas' Advanced Marathoning as both you and L'ardvark recommend it.

  • Tuesday...not too long to wait then. 

    What do you do, just check the website?  Oh well, this time next week I will know one way or anotherimage

  • Opps.....

     Will definitely look into......
  • Results are out... AND I'M IN!!!!

    Now that I'm officially in, a bit about me as well.  Did NYC back in 2007 and this will be the second attempt.  Done 6 marathons so far with Edinburgh and Berlin also planned for this year, so NYC will be marathon number 9.  Really looking forward to the marathon weekend already - NYC transforms during the weekend into something even more amazing than usual!  Last time I ran NYC in 3:55 but was just recovering from an injury - couldn't even run 3 miles in Central Park two days before the marathon so how I completed the marathon I have no idea.  PB is now down to 3:20 and aiming for 3:10 in Edinburgh and maybe even 3:00 in Berlin.  Not aiming for a quick time in NYC and will soak up the atmosphere, and it's not really a PB course anyway, and it will also be only 6 weeks after Berlin.

  • Kiwidave. Welcome, and thanks for the intro. Any tips from a NY pro will of course be generally welcomed in time, I'm sure. For now, though, and most importantly, CONGRATULATIONS.

  • WooHoo!  Got rejected for the third time in a row, so that means I'll get my definite place next year image

  • Scott. Many congratulations on your positive reaction! Now that you are not competing with us this year for hotels, secret routes to Statten Island, etc. this year, any tips?
  • Well thats my first rejection! Enjoy yourselves -its awonderful experience.

    Off to search for another late autumn marathon - possibly Seattle 

  • Perseverance is all I can say.  It's a couple of years quicker than trying to get into London.

    Now I can concentrate on the Disney Goofy Challenge in January, and if need be, book a hotel extra early for next year rather than waiting around to see what happens.

    Doesn't the subway go to Staten Island then?

  • Where are you getting lottery results? I haven't had an email yet.
  • Doh! Just remembered the entrant database. Mine says congratulations so I assume I’m in? Bit of a bugger as I was hoping to get rejected this year so I could def do it next year. Better start saving up some cash.

     Anyway, anyone (female) want to share a hotel room?
  • I haven't got anything email wise from them.  Did last year the day after the ballot, but nothing the year before that either.

  • Hi all,

    I've just had the "congratulations" message when logging in too so assume I'm in but no email yet.   Will be my 5th NYCM and I'll post full details of my previous experiences plus hints and tips in a few days.   I am currently working in Kabul and ran the London Marathon and Kabul Marathon inside 2 weeks!   Took my first run today after 10 days rest after the Kabul Marathon and felt lovely and fresh again.   Good luck with your entries and training.   Must now book a package with 2:09.

  • hi

    got  knocked back from the ballot ,so i'm glad i signed up with a charity to get my place (halfway to fundraising target).

    TONY-just wondering why you are booking a package when you have been successful in getting a place?

    congrats to all who have got in through the ballot, was it 1st time of trying?, or have you entered in previous years?

  • It was my second ballot entry but will be second time running as paid through sportstours in 2007. Bloody expensive when getting hotel room alone though!
  • Damn...I can't remember my user name or password...dumbo!  Arghhh...not in work until Saturday, so not sure what to do now.
  • My email has arrived now so you should hear soon.
  • Got my rejection email now.

    Thank you for applying to run the ING New York City Marathon 2009. Unfortunately, you were not selected in the random international lottery drawing. Please understand that we have to limit the size of the field to ensure a top-quality experience, and I hope you get to experience it yourself one day!

    In fact, you might be able to enter the race this year, since there are some guaranteed entries reserved for charity fund-raisers. If you would like to use this opportunity to raise money for a worthy cause, visit our charities page for more information.

    In addition, there are some guaranteed entries reserved for international tour groups through our Official International Travel Partners. Contact an ITP from your country on the list for details.

    I encourage you to apply for the ING New York City Marathon 2010. If you applied and were denied three years in a row, you're eligible for guaranteed entry the next year. Visit the guaranteed entry page for more information.

    Thank you so much for your interest in the ING New York City Marathon. I wish you a year of healthy and satisfying running.

  • Chowster - Fair point but 2:09 look after you very well but I might look at other options too.

    Just had the 'Congratulations' email so NYCM No.5 (and my final NYCM) here we come!

  • Commiserations to those who didn't get a place and who wanted one - and to those who got a place and apparently didn't want one!

    Tortie T. I assume you are female. Otherwise, kudos on the direct approach re: sharing a hotel room!

    So, here is the list of people who are "in" so far, as far as I can tell:





    Tony Hodge 6

    Tortie T

    Tricia Hurst

  • Yes I'm a girl. I have no objection to sharing with a man (but my husband might!). At the moment it looks like this little jaunt will cost me £800 plus race entry which is what I paid to go through Sportstours in '07. Yikes.
  • Hey All

    Got my email - didn't get in. image  Will try again next year.

    Congratulations to all of you that got a place. Best of luck and enjoy!

  • I'm in! image

    Commiserations to those who didn't. image

  • Tortie T. Maybe our respective spouses will encourage us to share a room when they find out how much the trip is going to cost...

    Pinappleflakes. So sorry. Best of luck next year. Berlin's a good run...

    Champagne, welcome. Please feel free to introduce yourself if you feel so inclined. (Likewise to anyone else who is "in" and as-yet un-introduced.)

    So, here is the revised list of people who are "in" so far, as far as I can tell:

    • Champagne
    • Chowster
    • Kiwidave
    • L’ardvark
    • NotCat
    • Tony Hodge 6
    • Tortie T
    • Tricia Hurst
  • Hi!

    I ran NY in 2004, getting round in 4.04 I think. Since then I've run faster, Berlin 2007 being my PB (3.22), but I won't be trying to beat that in NY, as I'll just be doing it to enjoy it and as an excuse to take wife and kids to the US.

    It'll be my 11th marathon, and am really looking forward to doing it again - it's the best one!

  • Hi Guys

    I am in as I had 3 rejects in previous years. I was on another forum but this one looks most popular.

    I have done 5 marathons with a PB of 3:58. I have done Dublin, Rome, Venice, Paris and London. My other half likes to make a weekend on the marathons I run. I am looking forward to NY as I have never been there. The other half has been a few times and so I wil let her decide where we stay. It looks like its a choice between paying a lot and staying central and have all the fun getting to the start early or staying further out but then having to take a trip in to see the main sights.

  • Hi!

    I'm in, so thought I'd introduce myself.

    An Englishman living in Stockholm, I started running a few years ago.

    I've only done one marathon, Copenhagen last year, 3:33. I tried the Essex marathon this year, which was a big mistake. A niggle that I'd had for a few weeks blew up after 15 km in, and I didn't finish. Otherwise I've done several 10 kms and half-marathons.

    I've booked a central hotel, and will be interested in learning from all of you experienced folk about how to organise the various practicalities!

    This'll be my first visit to NY, so I'll be doing some touristing around while I'm there.

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