New York Marathon 2009



  • Dave. Have you no playstation?

    Chowster. You might've put Dave's time in while you were at it! Hurumph. I have to do everything round here (muttering to fade....)


    • Champagne          3:30
    • Chowster                4.00.01
    • Djwolf                      3:29
    • Gary Jones             2:44
    • Hudds Dave           3:50
    • Kiwidave                 3:29
    • L’ardvark                 3:05
    • NotCat                     3.10
    • Over the Hill           
    • Steven S                 3:30
    • Tiptree                     3:45
    • Tony Hodge 6        3:30
    • Tortie T                    3:35
    • Tricia Hurst             3:59
  • L'a ...3 legs of the relay! Respect!! Do it, but don't get injured pleeeese!!

    I recce-d leg 4 of the Cotswold Way today... have you heard of the Annual Cheese Rolling Event in Gloucester...well that hill that the lemmings hurl themselves down after a lump of cheese is one of the hills I have to run up image and what's more it was on today... we got a bit caught up in it image

  • Congratulations, Trin. Not least because you appear to have found quite a few people who appear to be <a title="madder than you" target="_blank">madder than you</a>. Result.

    Everyone else. If you want to know <a title="how mad Trin is" target="_blank">how mad Trin is</a>, here's the profile for her leg 4:

    <img src="" width="720" height="407" id="_x0000_i1027" />

  • Gosh, I hate this techie stuff.

    Trin's leg

    People madder than Trin

  • My goal is 3:45 - my pb is 3:45:38 . But will be fairly content with a sub 4 as i'm getting on a bit image

    I've done London a couple of times and Munich so I would like to do on more big city marathon and as I lived in NY for a year a while back I have a bit of a soft spot for it.

    Booked flights today - going with Virgin to Newark on the thursday and back on Sunday night (as I'm teaching first thing on Monday (should get into class at around 8.50am!!)  - staying with friends

    Not sure about where to pick up the buses in NY or maybe NJ - seems to be a really early start.

    BTW don't forget to fill in the visa waiver form on line for US immigration - it's valid for 2 years

  • L'ardvark-- allow meimage to put in over the hill's time.


    • Champagne          3:30
    • Chowster                4.00.01
    • Djwolf                      3:29
    • Gary Jones             2:44
    • Hudds Dave           3:50
    • Kiwidave                 3:29
    • L’ardvark                 3:05
    • NotCat                     3.10
    • Over the Hill            3.45
    • Steven S                 3:30
    • Tiptree                     3:45
    • Tony Hodge 6        3:30
    • Tortie T                    3:35
    • Tricia Hurst             3:59

     Over the hill- we booked our flights and accomodation in january before we had a place (confidence or stupidity?) as there is only one direct flight a day from glasgow and i thought the prices would rise sharply after the ballot results and charity places had been released.

    we fly out on the thursday.

  • Talking of madness, and hill running, has anyone done the Geiranger half marathon:

    From fjord to summit

    I hate hills, have only tried *very* flat races, hill runners just amaze me.
  • I haven't done that one, but I did this one last year.

    Accommodation is booked at the Marcel on Grammercy.  Arriving on Friday and returning to London on Monday, so just the 3 nights for me.  Been to NYC many times before so no need to spend much time there to do the tourist thing.

    Saw a query about airports before - there is pretty much no difference between JFK and Newark.  I find immigration at Newark much quicker and if you are getting the bus from the airport to Manhattan it takes pretty much the same amount of time from both airports.  JFK does have the advantage of the subway but the JFK Airtrain from the terminals to the subway station isn't cheap and it takes ages on the subway to get into Manhattan.  Bus for me everytime.  Another option is to get the JFK Airtrain to Jamaica Station and then get on the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) into Manhattan, which is pretty quick.

  • Lordie, lordie, Kiwidave. That race looks spectacular. NY will be almost literally a stroll in the park for you. Is no one on this forum (other than Tiptree, apparently) sane? (And thanks very much for the airport info. You have persuaded me that I was being inappropriately discriminatory towards Newark.)

    Chowster. Many thanks. What a neat and complete looking list. Now is the time for all lurkers to come to the aid of the party.

    Over the hill. Good luck with the teaching on jet-lag. And thanks for a prompt that I still need to buy a flight.

  • It takes a full hour from JFK (Howard Beach subway station) to mid town Manhattan and you won't be popular carrying loads of bags on a crowded subway car!
  • L'a... LOL! I need a hard slap because I actually started to think it would be good fun to join the nutters in the cheese rolling event next year! image

    Btw... I'm just working out a cheerleading routine for you guys... not sure how well it will transfer onto here though image

    image image image

  • Trin. Cheeseleading routine, surely?

    Everyone else. I am driving myself mad trying to decide on a midtown hotel. I will probably be staying Fri 30th Oct to Monday 2 Nov. (Also have teaching commitments.) I want non-smoking and a bath would be nice (but not essential). I don't want "noisy" or to share a bathroom. I don't mind (nor particularly seek) "small". My wife makes most of my decisions for me (...undeniably pathetic yet rugged, mysterious, and perhaps slightly dangerous look into the mid-distance...), but she won't be accompanying me and loses interest if not doggedly seeking out personal luxury. Someone please tell me what to do. I feel like Over the Hill's (fabulous) avatar!

  • L'ardvark - dude, seriously, think about Queens/New Jersey for a hotel. I've booked the Ramada Limited in Jersey City which is 5 mins from a PATH station (train to Manhattan). For the cost of a dive in Manhattan with shared bathroom I have a king bed room with its own bathroom and free wifi! The hotel runs a shuttle to and from Newark which saves even more time/money.

    The La Quinta in Queens is also supposed to be a good bet but I'm flying to Newark so NJ made more sense.

  • Hi everyone! My names David & I’m from Northern Ireland! I'm booked to run the marathon in NYC this year. This will be my first marathon and without a doubt the main reason I chose this one – its New York – I love the place!

    I really only started focusing on running in the last 6 - 10 months. I started going to the gym in September 07 to improve on my leg & upper body strength as I raced motorcycles. I had got myself up to a base fitness of about 20+ miles/week + cross training, but struggling to get out this last couple of weeks with work & a cold (pretty bad man one)!!

    I've booked a flight & entry only package with 2:09 Events since January - 2:09 have been a great help so far and really nice people to deal with! I'm flying out of Belfast International on the 29th Oct and returning from Newark on the 4th Nov. My goal time is anything under 4 hours as its my first and I really want to enjoy the experience!

    Its great to see a 'proper' NYM thread get started and you all sound great! Looking forward to staying around and enjoying the build-up to 01.11.09! Thanks! 


  • Champagne          3:30 Chowster                4.00.01 Djwolf                      3:29 Gary Jones             2:44 Hudds Dave           3:50 Kiwidave                 3:29 L’ardvark                 3:05 NotCat                     3.10 Over the Hill            3.45 Steven S                 3:30 Tiptree                     3:45 Tony Hodge 6        3:30 Tortie T                    3:35 Tricia Hurst             3:59Dave101                  3:50


  • Dave 101.  You are most<a href="javascript:insertEmotion('welcome.gif','lang_welcome');"><img title="Welcome" src="" /></a>.
  • Hi Dave. Welcome to the thread.

    Tortie T - that wasn't the Ilkley trail race was it, by any chance?

    As there are six of us coming, hotel rooms were just too expensive, so I've booked a flat in Brooklyn for the week. 10 mins from Manhattan by subway, not too convenient to get to from Newark Airport, but never mind.

  • Gardarn it, this site is getting worse. Dave101, WELCOME.

    Tortie. Thank you. The strike the perfect note of exasperaton. It's what I respond best to. Only now you've undermined the only decision I actually HAD made. I shall 'look at' Jersey tonight. For now I HAVE to get some marking done. And a run some time today would be nice, too!

  • Champagne - it was indeed! I kept expecting it to flatten out along the top but it never did. V. fast finish though.image

    L'ardvark - I am just the same, making a decision kills me and I am now an expert in the various hotel options in Manhattan and beyond as a result. I outdid myself last week though; booked flight and hotel for NYC AND managed to book a family holiday for July (and am now an expert in the various destinations on offer in Europe!)

  • TortieT: a very good move. I'm staying with friends on Grove Street - 5 mins from your hotel on Exchange Place  - which has fabulous views of the Manhattan skyline (below)

     From the PATH station you can be in Manhattan in 10 mins. I'll look into ferries from NJ to Battery Park - not sure if they'll be running that early


  • I've just Googled 'getting from Central Park to the Izod Center  (where the official buses pick up from on the NJ side) using public transport'. It looks like a right old schlep. Is this the price one pays for having a cheaper hotel (or 'more hotel for your money'), or am I going about it all wrong?

    That's a pretty picture, OTH. Those'll be the light conditions when I get back to my hotel after the race, then?image image

  • You don't want to go near the Izod centre. Apparently it's in the middle of nowhere (and nowhere near a PATH station) so the plan is to get the PATH to the World Trade Centre then walk to the ferry to get to the race start then get subway and PATH back to Jersey City afterwards. As long as you get a hotel near a subway (Queens) or PATH (Jersey) station then it'll be only a bit extra travel than staying in midtown. The PATH back to Jersey leaves from 33rd street so just get subway to there then change tracks I assume. I reckon it'll take about 30 mins to get from Central park to my hotel (hopelessly optimistic I'm sure!)

     I'm going on the advice of a native New Yorker!

  • My brain hurts. For those who want to feel the same, the US RW NY site is discussing this issue/these issues as we speak.
  • Aha! According to t'internet the journey between 33rd street and Journal Square (my Jersey station) is 26 mins and that's longer than it would be on a week day as Sunday service makes you go via another stop. Alternatively I could get the subway to World Trade centre then PATH to Journal Square (11 mins)

    See here for map

  • A question for all you experienced marathoners out there. Hit the wall at 20 miles in FLM this year and although kept running my pace slowed considerably. Felt I had done everything by the book and my LSRs had gone really well. So is it possible to do a marathon without hitting the wall or has anyone any strategies for getting through it better, as would so like to do better in NY. image
  • Tricia... as a vet of 30ish marathons I can tell you that it is most definitely possible to run a marathon without hitting the wall.

    Your training can go absolutely perfectly, you could be well rested and ready come race day... but you MUST get the nutrition right if you want to avoid the 'wall' which is really just sudden energy depletion beyond recovery.

    Getting your nutrition right in the 3 or 4 days before the marathon is just as important as what you have to keep your energy up during the race.

    I can't give you any advice or suggestions without knowing what you do, or can/can't take but I'm happy to help if you want image

  • Hi Trinity,

    Would certainly welcome advice as would like to be able to achieve a marathon without hitting the wall as am confident my time would improve considerably.

    For 3-4 days prior to the marathon I ate normal sized meals but made sure that my carbohydate intake was increased and also my water intake. The day before again didn't increase the quantity of food at a meal but snacked during the day on bananas, cake etc. The morning of the race I had porridge with honey and an energy drink, followed by a banana about 1 1/2 hrs before. On the run I took a SIS energy gel every 40-45 min and drank water.

  • Hi Tricia

    Sounds like you're almost doing the right thing image so only minor adjustments and you can look forward to a happier time in the last 6 to 8 miles.

    I trust you have a good pre marathon taper so eating normally up to the wednesday before the marathon is fine.

    Thursday have a couple of small snacks through the day on top of normal meals

    Friday... this is THE most important day for food and sleep. Friday evening is your marathon meal... eat as much carbohydrate as you can. The aim at the end of the meal is to feel very full... this is the store that will help you in the marathon. So dinner and pudding! Enjoy! image Also, obviously plenty of hydration.

    Sleep is most important on Friday night as well so get a good 8 to 10 hours.

    Saturday the only aim for this day is to not get hungry. Any big meal will not really help you in the marathon because the body hasn't got enough time to process it. So lots of carb snacks and maybe a small meal in the evening... just don't get hungry or thirsty.

    Rest from about 4pm Saturday afternoon... and that means feet up complete rest in your hotel room, watch the tv, get your kit ready, but that's about as active as you should be.

    If you don't sleep too well on the night before you don't need to worry. You've got the sleep in the bank, you're loaded up and you're rested.

    Marathon Day follow your usual breakfast routine. Stay as calm and confident as you can so you don't waste nervous energy. Gels... sounds like you have that sorted too, I take them every 5 miles but the important thing is to stay ahead of the energy rather than have to play catch up. I usually take 5 SiS gels with me... 4 normal and 1 caffeine. The caffeine one is the last one I take and it gives you a kick just when you need it image

    Anything else I can help you with... just ask image

    I am the one-person cheerleading team after all! image

  • Hi Trinity,

    Thanks a lot for all that info. Definitely need to eat more on the friday and to snack on the thursday. Otherwise hopefully have been on the right lines.

    Didn't like the caffeine SIS gel, but did wonder whether I should try to take in more gels during the race maybe every 30 mins? What do you think?

  • You're welcome image

    what minute mile pace will you be aiming for?

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