dry skin

After taking a break from running, i am back training (around 35 miles per week), I have noticed that the skin on my sides is extremely dry, also on my upper arms.

I wear technical t-shirts, the weather is warm and i also use a cream to deal with the dryness, yet still have this problem

When i go through periods of not running, my skin returns to normal

Any suggestions would be extremely welcome



  • http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/pictures/2009/2/4/1233743579030/Lard-001.jpg

    Spread liberally on the affected areas, you will also be irresistable to the ladies.

  • Have a look at www.crotchguard.co.uk Their lotion/potion is rather good.
  • I don't know what might be causing it, beyond dehydration maybe, but Palmer's Cocoa Butter lotion is very good.

    And smells yummy (but not girlie).

  • Nother vote for Palmers, it's great stuff.

    See you tonight Chris.

  • Aqueous cream is another good solution - and you can use it to wash with as well. I'm with Wilkie on this one - sounds like you might not be taking on or replacing enough fluids when you run.
  • A huge pot of E45 from the pharmacy, its great stuff
  • chrisg9chrisg9 ✭✭✭
    thanks everyone, nice to know there are a few options other than lard

    See you tonight shimmy
  • Palmer Cocoa Butter isavailable from Superdrug for about £3 a tube....smells delicious as well as keeping your skin moist!
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