Kettlebell Training


I was wondering if anyone on here used kettlebells for their strength training?

I've got one myself but was wondering if anyone had a good schedule to follow etc.

If not what sort of strength training is everyone doing?

For example are you doing weights or just bodyweight exercises?

Also what rep ranges are you using and you doing both upperbody and lower body exercises?

Many thanks




  • Kettlebells aren't much good for out and out strength training, so you're better doing something fairly fast-paced and high-rep with them, for a "strength endurance" workout (sorry if that sounds poncy!)  Something like 2 minutes of reps followed by 1-2 minutes break, using different exercises each work set, can work well.  For example:

    2 minutes of two-arm swings, then a break;

    2 minutes of cleans (5 with left, 5 with right, repeat as often as poss in 2 minutes), then a break;

    2 minutes of squats and sumo deadlifts (5 squats then 5 deadlifts, repeat as often as poss in 2 minutes), then a break;

    2 minutes of one-leg deadlifts (5 with left, 5 with right, repeat as often as poss in 2 minutes), then a break;

    2 minutes of clean and press (5 with left, 5 with right, repeat as often as poss in 2 minutes), then a break;

    2 minutes of tactical lunges (alternate leading foot each rep), then a break;

    2 minutes one-arm swing (change arm every 30 seconds), then a break;

    2 minutes of crunches

    Obviously there are loads of different exercises so you can swap stuff about, but that kind of format seems to work well.

    If it's pure strength you want, nothing will beat the basic barbell exercises - squat, deadlift, press, bench press, maybe a power clean and possibly some chins and dips.  Relatively low reps (e.g. sets of 5), a focus on good technque, and steady progression with the weights you use.  There are millions of magazine articles and programs concentrating on bilateral crane-style floating rear deltoid raises with a twist, but ignore them - basic, compound exercises will work wonders.

    Hope that helps,


  • Hi Nick,

    Thanks for that, its very helpful.

    I think I was probably asking for,  like you say a strength endurance schedule. Thats sounds like a good way to work it.

    Im really looking just to get my upperbody in better condition, obviously more toned and something that will help my running.

    I noticed you have a few leg exercises in there will that affect my recovery from running or do you think it will benefit it?

    I can only train in the house  at the moment and have a 16kg Kettlebell.

    What sort of strength training do you do?

    Thanks again


  • Stick some skipping intervals in to keep your heart rate up.

    One I do is a cross between a 1-legged squat and a deadlift. Good for glute and pelvic stability it's a strength and balance exercise so transfers well to running.

    • Standing. Hold the KB in your L) hand by your side
    • Transfer all your weight to the R) foot and lift L) foot just off the floor in front of you
    • Bend R) leg and engage the leg & butt muscles to lower down & put KB on the floor where your left leg would be if you were standing (left leg is still raised)
    • Still holding KB, come back up to upright position by pushing with the muscles in your R) leg
    • Relax by putting R) leg back down on floor.
    • That's one rep! Do 10 reps then switch sides. Number of sets is up to you.
    Try not to lean forward as you lower down and keep non-involved leg in front.  Oops forgot - watch the kneecap alignment stays over the 2nd toe or you'll have a hurty knee!

    For upper body... single arm chest presses from supine and mix  these up with press-ups. I try and push the KB up fast, like a punch, then lower it down slowly. E.g. 20 press ups, 20 presses each side and repeat. Vary reps, sets and weight for your needs.
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