Penn Seven

who's up for this one?


  • there must be someone else running at Penn. Tigeress needs some competition!!!!!!
  • I shall be there. Have run it the last 4 years - good course if not a tad hilly!
  • soz for late reply cyber - good to see you and Tigeress - am planning on doing Bradenham 10k this sun - you? GMx
  • GM, It was good to see you too, Tigeress was thinking of running it but she hurt her knee at work yest.

    I think the next race we will be at will be Princess Risbourgh, or Wycombe 10k. 

     Penn is one of my favourate races as there is races for all the family. Jade Tigeress' daughter was first woman home in the fun run in the afternoon. 19th out of over 600 runners.

  • Bradenham was hellish hills - OMG.

    May see you at P.Ris.

    Well done to Jade at Penn.


  • I thought it would be hilly and undulating a bit of an understatement as I know the area but I wasn't sure where the race was going to be held.

    I'll pass your well done on to Jade. and I may well see you at P.Ris. There is a thread for the race. 

  • cool - cu at PRis thread


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