Where do they find these referees?



  • Oh no the scousers are taking over with the aid of a part time Arse fan

    AAAARRGH! ABU alert!

    anyway see you in Rome...oh no, forgot.... I won'timage

  • The ref was shite - that was never a sending off.

  • Sorry Chris 4 seasons........image..like that makes  a difference

    If you can't take the banter mate, leave....like your fans did last nightimage

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    Exactly Corinth!
  • Course it wasn't...awful decision and the guy misses a final for nothing, just like Fletch!
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    Oh Dear.  Now I'll not sleep.
  • Part time? umm fan since 77 son!
  • Why did he take Drogba off?... he couldn't have been injured, he broke the land speed record going after the ref at the final whistle.

  • Chelsea dropped too easily. Pens? I think not. Bye bye ladies.
  • I did not see any of the rent boys complaining in the1st leg when Henry should have been given a stone wall penalty or that Ballack should have been sent off & wasn't

    Neither did I see any of rent bots complaining last night when Abidal was incorrectly sent off, when Anelka actually tripped himself up!

    I hope the FA review John Terry's comment this morning that he fully supports Drogba's reaction at the final whistle & then strip him of the ingerlund captaincy.

    UEFA should also be looking @ the conduct of several players & taking appropraite action.

    Over 2 games the Rent boys were not good enough & that is why they are not in final.

    Now sit back & watch the defending champions do the job properly against a pretty average Barca side image

  • imageimageimage

    Well, at least we won't try and defend for most of the tie!

    Barca will be without Marquez,abidal and the cheat Alves.Be interesting to see who they play in defence

  • You know, I am starting to get really pissed off with everybody slagging off referees. Okay, the guy did a bad job, Chelski lost out this time, but next time it'll probably go in their favour. Happens to man U, happens to Liverpool, it happens all the time. Get over it.

    Until FIFA bring in video technology and a respect game which actually disciplines the players, then people have no right to moan.

    Take a leaf out of Rugby. Any borderline decision gets referred to a video referee and any back chat to the referee leads to a free kick being awarded against the offender and moved back towards their goal by ten yards. That would soon stop Drogba et al bleating. Oh, but then forgive me, this is not possible as it will a) Break up the game to much and b) Take some of the uncertaintity out of the game.image

    One or the other. Put up, shut up or change the rules.

     Now I'm going for a runimage


  • Yes, we've got a lot to learn from Rugbyimage
  • MACbMACb ✭✭✭

    Abidal wouldn't have need sending off for his imaginary trip if the ref had done his job properly in the first half!

    People forget the disgraceful behaviour following the sending off too, I get sick of the players in the refs face, happens all the time and they should get punished for it, bloody petulent tw*ts.

    I wanted Man U in the final but maybe I'm changing my mind, seems too much arrogance and hypocrisy from fans of these big clubs for my liking, I mean Rooney is a delecate flower isn't he? Ronaldo never cheats etc. etc.

  • Get off your high horse, this is football...WTF do you want rational debate? It'sa place for irrational hatreds,banter and winding up opposing fans. image
  • Those who live by the dive........................................

    BTW - an inexperienced referee? HIs record is

    Champions League games refereed by Tom Henning Ovrebo
    Nantes 0 - 1 Galatasaray 26-09-2001
    Feyenoord 0 - 0 Dynamo Kiev 01-10-2002
    Arsenal 0 - 0 PSV Eindhoven 12-11-2002
    Milan 0 - 1 FC Bruges 22-10-2003
    Everton 1 - 2 Villarreal 09-08-2005
    B Munich 1 - 0 FC Bruges 27-09-2005
    Porto 0 - 0 CSKA Moscow 13-09-2006
    Bordeaux 0 - 1 Liverpool 18-10-2006
    Lille 2 - 2 Anderlecht 21-11-2006
    PSV Eindhoven 1 - 0 Arsenal 20-02-2007
    Lyon 0 - 3 Rangers 02-10-2007
    Real Madrid 4 - 2 Olympiakos 24-10-2007
    Milan 1 - 0 Celtic 04-12-2007
    Inter 0 - 1 Liverpool 11-03-2008
    Man Utd 1 - 0 Roma 09-04-2008
    Standard Liege 0 - 0 Liverpool 13-08-2008
    Atl Madrid 2 - 1 Marseille 01-10-2008
    Celtic 1 - 1 Man Utd 05-11-2008
    Inter 0 - 1 Panathinaikos 26-11-2008
    Barcelona 5 - 2 Lyon 11-03-2009
    Villarreal 1 - 1 Arsenal 07-04-2009
    Chelsea 1 - 1 Barcelona 06-05-2009

    Not on that basis - get over it!!!

  • That referee should have gone to specsavers!

    He might as well have worn a Barcelona shirt after the way he deliberately ignored 4 obvious penalties.Wanker!image

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    Didn't see the match but just by the highlights I can't believe he didn't give at least the handball - you'd suspect corruption if it wasn't for the fact he sent off the Barca player incorrectly so I think he probably just had a bad night.  

    On the Fletcher sending off for Man Utd I've been having an argument with a mate - any care to settle it?   

    One of us reckons that as the referee didn't see whether Fletcher got a touch on the ball all he could do was send Fletcher off - give the decision on what you see and don't speculate on what you can't.    

    The other one of us reckons that by sending him off he is making a judgement on what he couldn't see - to make that decision you have to see both Fletcher impeding the attacker and that Fletcher didn't get the ball first - so he shouldn't have blown as he couldn't see the everything he needed to to make the decision.    

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    TS I didn't say he was inexperienced, I said he was useless!
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭



    PREMIER League clubs should stop keeping score so that everyone can just enjoy a nice game of football, the culture secretary Andy Burnham said today.

     The minister has also called on England's richest clubs to 'share their wealth' as the government attempts to impose its namby-pamby, socialist bullshit on professional sport.

    Mr Burnham said: "It should not be about one team being better, or having more fans and therefore more money than the others; it should be about fresh air and making friends.

    "It's only fair that the rich clubs should give half their money to the poor clubs. After all, it is the rich clubs' fault that they are so much better at what they do.

    "And after a while everyone will be just as bad as everyone else, but that's a good thing because it means that everyone will be the same."

    Mr Burnham said he also wants the players' parents to become more involved in running the clubs.

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