High BP & Beta Blockers

I have been running fairly regularly for the last year and have been building up my distance (15 mile route at least twice a week). In january this year I was put on Beta Blockers by my GP for high Blood Pressure. Since then I have been unable to run anywhere near the distance I used to and can now only manage about 4 or 5 miles before i have to stop. Has anyone out there got any advice or had the same problem. It's really starting to p*ss me off now.


  • How old/young are you James?

    If you run 15 miles twice a week then you must be pretty fit and healthy...!!

    and you may or may not have high blood pressure - maybe ask about being reffered to a Cardiologist and get a machine that measures your blood pressure over a week

    and if you do have high blood pressure there are lots of alternatives to beta-blockers that won't affect your performance the same way

  • I was put on beta-blockers for anxiety about a month back and haven't run properly since. I could only do 6 miles at the most then but I'm truly pathetic now. The doctor told me my muscles would get tired quicker but it wouldn't make much difference. Ha! I just feel wasted most of the time - and when the tiredness hits me, it's like WHAM! No gradual increase like normal - it just hits and i could drop off right where I am. They also made me feel quite nauseous at the beginning which put me off doing anything cos I just wanted to retch over anything but that has worn off as time had gone on.

    I'm sorry to hear you're having a rough time but understand you're not alone.
  • James
    please go back to your GP now, and ask for a different blood pressure tablet
    Explain that you are a runner.
    E mail me if you wish for more info
  • James,

    I had the same problem. I was just running out of steam almost as soon as I started a run. After the GP put me onto different tablets I could run again.

  • James

    Have a look at my recent reply concerning Beta blockers and BP.

    Good luck
  • Agree with the above, I was put on Beta Blockers when I was initially diagnosed with an overactive thyroid. Trying to run with them was like having a massive rev limiter strapped to your body: heart couldn't beat fast enough; felt like you'd done a marathon after 1 mile; no adrenaline etc.
    One of the less pleasant experiences of my life...
  • I have recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure. Several readings have been taken all above 160/110 some up to 193/120. I think it is caused by stress in my work and personal life. However, combined with a history of high chlolestrol levels typically 7-8 and high triglyceride levels, means my GP is likely to prescribe statins, blood pressure tablets and asprin. I am aged 50, height 1.78m and BMI=24.9 and bodyfat=23% and eat healthily. I have been running 2-3 times a week for 18 years and was in training for this years London. I am concerned about going onto medication because of the impotence effects and the effects on my running. Does anyone else have any similar experience? All the best Dave
  • David
    you should be able to have medication which wont affect your running-id suggest an ACE inhibitor, or angiotensin 2 receptor blocker, and obviously avoid beta blockers if possible

    Treating BP is often a case of finding the right drug to suit the paitent-van be trila and error at tiems

    there are many people on BP meds with no side effects at all

    If your BP readings are genuinley that hihg(either on a 24 hour monitor, or with home readings), then you will definitely need medication-sounds liek your lifestyle doesnt need too much modification

  • I knew i had seen this recently, been doing some reading andfound this. http://www.prodigy.nhs.uk/hypertension/extended_information/management_issues which you may find helpfull.

    Without knowing your background its hard tosay but beta blockers will not help you run
  • Went to my GP about this a couple of months ago he was reluctant to put me on medication. Subsquently my blood pressuere has fallen typically now 140-150 over 90-100 (admitted low number of readings, but I feel more relaxed). I also had an ECG at the same time which showed a t-wave abnormality; I have been chasing the Cardiologist for an opinion. Yesterday he finally responded and said I shouldn't run the Marathon on Sunday. I am going for a second opinon this afternoon as my GP thinks the Cardiologist may be being overly cautious. Had thought about simply walking the Marathon if the second guy advises me not to run. Any views?
  • Hi had a "mild" heart attack just over a year ago and was put on beta blockers and rosuvastatin . Found running very hard going and just got very heavy legged .I've now been put on perindopril in addition to the above. To cut a long story short I can manage about 30mins of "jogging" before legs give out. My max HR is way down although when "jogging " feels like its at max, yet as far as walking go's I can walk all day it looks like my running days are down the tubes.

    Can you come back from this?? 

  • Am currently being advised to take beta blockers for what may or may not be "prolonged QT syndrome . Early stages of diagnosis now awaiting results from treadmill ECG session. It appears that this involves the measuring of the QT interval using a ruler on tens of meters of a paper read out!!!! Is this really the 21st century?
    I am a 56 yr old ultra runner with no symptoms who only found he had a QT interval above normal after taking part in a research project on the effect of ultra running on the heart.
    Everything I am reading about beta blockers looks bad . The thought of going from running 100mile races to struggling with one does not make me happy.
    Anyone out there able to still run on beta blockers?
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