Plod it be

39 years after it was released, apparently


  • was also VE day 64 years ago
  • I was dozing listening to Radio 4 when Kid B cme in - so I tiptoed downstairs with her to let Bob get some kip
  • I also bought two tickets to see The Super Furries at Somerset House - not sure it's Bob's fave band tbh but it's SUCH a great venue
  • 39 years?


  • Morning

    TGIF. Considering it's been a short week, it's been a long week.

  • yes I second that
  • but I have got my application in and am hatching a plot with Best Friend to do a weekend in Paris

    sooooooooooooooo excited mark1

  • I am also due to go bird watching with Aiki at stoopid o clock tomorrow

    soooooooooooooo excited mark2

  • Ooooh! Say hello to Aiki. Not seen her (virtually or otherwise) in ages.
  • will do

    and when she gets here we can have CURRYYYYYYY!!!!!

  • yep, snogs to aiki from me too, please

    the weekend starts here image

  • Aiklet should be on her way now image
  • yes me too, and am pleased with myself for getting job applic in

    Teen A is alarmed that we are going birding ...

  • we've made Aiklet a cake for her birthday  - don't tell image
  • Oh, I'd love a curry....
  • me too

    and a cake

  • hic
  • nice curry house at the end of our road
  • if you don't mind coming in through the back door
  • Kid B and Bobbis are playing the tights gane
  • with Aiki
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