running and hangovers

Is it worth going out running when hungover? or should you leave it til tommorrow and then train harder?

On the one hand, when I do my legs feel heavy, I stuggle to maintain a good pace and I don't feel i'm getting that much out of it. On the other hand, are you building up fitness if you run when it's a struggle? If you train with a drink enduced handicap will you do better in races when not hungover?!

I know the answer is probably don't have a lot to drink if you want to do a good session the next day, but it's a bt too late for that image


  • I remember doing a 10k off road race one Sunday morning, and tackling a tricky hill, and the bloke next to me looking decidely dodgy, he then proceeded to tell me he was hung over from the night before, and then promptly chucked up the entire contents of his stomach up (I am fairly positive he'd had a fryup that morning) over the narrow path, nice.

    Sorta reinforced the reasons why I don't drink!!!!

  • niiiice image
  • Indeed, it was bad enough for me, I can't imagine what the (few) people behind me had to deal with, I can imagine it was almost like a cartoon banana-skin effect.
  • If it's a light hangover get out there go for a run it'll be fine. If it's the hangover from hell and your hair hurts give it a miss and don't drink that much again.

    I have done a 7km trail race with and without a hangover (best friends wedding day before) and it's only slowed me down by a minute. In fact my OH was faster with a hangover.

  • Take a Berocca with a pint of water before you got to bed and the hangover will be milder; works for me anyway.  I wouldn't go nuts in the morning, maybe a gentle 4 or 5 miles at an easy pace.  Probably make you feel better than not doing anything and wallowing in the fug.  Be careful about hydration though, take some fluids with you.
  • I went to a party last Sunday and drank 3 pints of lager + 2 glasses of champers. Went out for a run on Monday afternoon and it was an absolute nightmare run...I failed to consider the impact of de-hydration caused by the booze. Never again will that happen.

    I don't drink often...perhaps this was partly the reason for the dreadful after effects.

    I went out again last evening and still felt sluggish.

    Bad boozer me...image  I drink...I fall overimage 

  • You sound like a cheap date to me!

    I drank far too much on Sunday evening too, I couldn't move let alone run!

  • I would drink water until I know that I am rehydrated.  Then go for a bit of a run later in the arvie.

    I discovered that doing more with a hangover means that you actually feel better later on

    And that you can actually start drinking again that night!!!  image

  • I would ignore any advice that says don't drink. Drinking is a way of life, and must be continued!

    I have given your thread some serious thought, I've done some research, and here is my highly technical, scientifically proven advice: if you feel like running, then do so; if you don't, then don't.

  • Thanks Dan I was eating my lunch reading this image

    I always find a run will clear the alcohol out of the system and get rid of the hangover.

  • The thing about not drinking is, when you wake up thats as good as you,re going to feel all day image Id make sure you were well hydrated before you ventured out tbh
  • Carefree wrote (see

    I have given your thread some serious thought, I've done some research, and here is my highly technical, scientifically proven advice: if you feel like running, then do so; if you don't, then don't.

    I think I like this approach. However I definitely don't feel like running, but think I will feel better for it if I do. I think the best solution is to run home (3 miles, of fairly flat or if anything slightly down hill). Then again it might depend on whether it's pi$$ing it down when I decide to leave.
  • I once completed a 30k speed march carrying all of the usual gear after a night of mega boozing. The boozing finished at 2.30 am and the march started at 8am, nearly killed me, and the aroma of beer and wine that I was sweating out was very unpleasant indeed.

    Not to be recomended.


  • SO GENERALLY people have either had a good race/run or an awful race/run with a hangover!

    But it takes us away from what I really wanted to know (don't think I made my point well in the OP) Given that (I personally) don't seem to run well when training on a hangover, is it still worth going if you are hungover? or are you better off waiting a day and then doing a much better session when not hungover? or I guess should you try both?

  • Do both, no such thing as junk miles.
  • Running with a bad hangover and dehydrated is silly and its not about times but about health - it puts severe strain on your vital organs.  If you know you're having a drink delay your run until the afternoon or drink plenty of water the night before.
  • On a couple of occasions I had serious trouble with cramps in my shins and the outside of my calves whilst training over Christmas and am pretty sure it was due to the after effects of several different nights out.  It seemed to affect me up to two or three days after a heavy night.
  • I go for a swim when I have a hangover, Its still cardio but it seems to cure the headache. If Im planning a long run then I wouldnt get that drunk before due to dehydration. Its personal opinion.
  • If you don't run when hungover then how are you supposed to ever train?!


  • danowat wrote (see)
    I can imagine it was almost like a cartoon banana-skin effect.

    Ah, the old sick n slip. Bad times.

    I don't run when I'm hungover. If I know I'm going out on a Saturday night I'll do my long run on a Saturday morning so I have Sunday free to wallow in the errors of my ways. 

    If I run after drinking the night before I'm sluggish, dehydrated and tired and all it does is put me in a bad mood. If you're hungover today then drink lots of water, sleep, eat well and go out tomorrow.

  • Cos im an alchy all of my training etc is done with a 70% proof blood stream. Still got round Beachy head marathon 4 times.
  • If you don't fancy going for a run - when hungover, or for almost any other reason - get into your running gear and start jogging. If after a mile you feel okay then keep going - if you feel rough, turn round and go back home and that way you've still done two miles.

    Works every time. Almost.
  • I found that instead of plain water the night before I have it with a nuun tablet. I feel so much better for it in the morning! Also works using it the morning after but I don't find it as effective as having it the night before.
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