wind love it or hate it?

I have asked myself this question many times this week. I deiced it depends on the wind direction when strong and direction of my run. On a hot day with a cooling breeze then I love to run into it as it cools me down.

The wind caused me take 10mins longer as It was pushing me backwards for 3miles yesterday. Eyes streaming with water, but if you go round a pond and along a river you got run into it to get home. Give me a hill anyday than strong wind.

What do you think of natures elements?


  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭

    Wind? Hate it but learn to use it.

    Rain? Love it.

    Sun? I'm Scottish, I burn like a lobster.

    Snow? Love it.

    Hail? Evil stuff.

  • I like a bit of wind in my face as it de-mists my sunglasses, as I wear sunglasses for any run outside, no matter the weather

    Quite like rain too when running, keeps me cool image

    I don't like the sun when running except for myabe the dusk sun, that kind of nice orange glow, that's nice to run in, when you can watch your own shadow running with you.

  • sam I agree with you. Except I love the sun as I do go brown. I run in the morning before it gets to hot. Once tried running in the sun and couldnt complete as got dehydrated. Never again.

  • Not yesterday I nearly screamed in anger on the way back from a 4 mile run when I was running against 25mpw winds. I nearly lost the plot, however the first 2 miles I didn't notice the wind as it was on my side and I ran the first mile in 7:22 when I was aiming to go no faster than 8:15 pace.

    Yeah prefare hills aswell, I feel like I can breath going up a hill but running into a strong headwind is suffocating!

  • I hate wind but love the rain as well.I can't understand why people dodge going for a run in the rain especially in summer.
  • I don't usually mind the wind as long as it is not too strong - but today it really tired me out running against it.  I was aiming to do 6 miles today but the wind was blowing about 20mph and I got very tired after 4 so I had to stop.  I quite like running in the rain once I have got myself out of the door!   I get quite hot in the sun so I try and run in the mornings or evenings when it isn't so warm.  I have been out in ice and snow which wasn't very fun, but have never been caught in hail - can't imagine that would be nice at all!


  • I have been cursing the last couple of days as it has been quite strong, swirling wind; which hampers your run no matter which direction you run in!  imageI much prefer a cool, gentle breeze and do not mind the rain at all.  Wind & Rain together, forget it . . . !!
  • This week has been a nightmare with the wind. I don't really mind any weather condition, but detest the wind. My breathing goes crazy and the effort is far too hard, especially considering the inevitably slower pace. Unless it is at my back, but that is rare!
  • Sam. wrote (see)

    Wind? Hate it but learn to use it.

    The wind and hail are the only conditions i hate, when you say learn to use the wind, i take it you mean when its at your back you use it to drive you etc?.

    I went out Wednesday and the first half of the run was great... but the 2nd half seemed to be against the wind all the way, it was a real nightmare. Looking at the weather tonight i'm not looking forward to my run tomorrow morning if this wind continues

  • Embrace it, it makes running without it easier.
  • I agree danowat.  Think of it as resistance training when running against the wind. 

     I try to think positive in races knowing most of the runners are hating the conditions.

    It's like hills- i'm no good at climbing them, so i focus on downhills and fly, normally passing those who overtook me on the uphill.

  • If it was raining on top yesterday I think the gym would have called me. I have to say I did run to my first half in a good time but second half was just ridiculus. My attitude is prepair for all elements as you never know what a race will bring you. So far mine have all been dry and wind free. Ideal.

    I was shattered then had get quick shower before going to work as I was later back than I had planned.

    I slept well last night.

  • Happy with any weather but wind. I run a lot up and down really open hills and it don't half make it tough going sometimes!!!
  • I just keep telling myself its character building, infact any adverse conditions, be it cold, hot, rainy, windy,, hilly or a combination of the above.

    If you get out in the bad conditions, everything else just seems to pale into insignificance when the conditions are more favourable.

     Mantra's and visulizations  can help with anything adverse, be that weather, or inclines, I tend to use them alot.

    Yesterday I had a 5 mile tempo session, and it was blowing a gale, not only was it whipping the dust off the fields into my eyes, but it started to hammer down with rain half way round, running into horizontal rain, uphill isn't pleasent, and I reckon all the cars that come past me thought I was nuts, but I didn't melt, the wind and rain didn't kill me, although it sure as hell felt like it could have!, I made it home, had a nice shower, and all was well.

    When it comes to tomorrows easy 6 miler, that will seem like a stroll in the park in comparison!.

    These are the tools that are given to us, they will make us better, they will make the good days feel better, they will make us into ultimately better runners, so don't shy away from them, no matter how bad it seems at the time, it will end, and tomorrow will probably be a better day.

     Edit : just re read that, makes me sound like some sort of bloody hippy or something maaaaan

  • Hi Lisa

    natures elements are all good stamina builders -  the road to fitness is a long hard road, there is always more to be learned from it

    personally ME, i don't give a damn what the weather is when i run OR now - a - days when we run

    ( me pushing Phillip in his wheelchair ), i'm in this chosen sport, my chosen sport for better for worst  - running isn't just about physical fitness, that comes with mileage - The REAL key to it all is physcology of the sub- conscious deep and mind games, having or finding a complete control over what you do

    once u find and overcome that - nothing should bother anyone

    Wishing u well Lisa & everyone one else reading and lurking

  • I'll go out and run in anything short of a hurricane image. Atleast when its snowing or raining or w/e there is a lot less people about. Its like having the streets to yourself.
  • i talk to it sometimes...but wind, unlike hills, is never fair.

  • i hate it!!!! made me run a really slow 5k race the other day image
  • I do like thinking when i'm running in the rain that the people in the cars are thinking that i'm nuts, but as mentioned earlier in the thread.. I aint made of suger and i'm not going to melt.

    Saying that though the 10k i did this morning was easier without any wind

  • The wind has died down at last, pity its the weekend and it is a swim for me as thats what my kid loves. I hope it stays away and I have some great runs this week in prep for my next long run during the school holidays. Childs at his dads so a week of training and no work. Just hope the weather stays in my favor, but whatever I will go out their as dont know what it be like on race day.
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