Edinburgh Marathon Training Advice

Having ran for the first time in 3 weeks due to a shin problem, today i managed 18 mile@ 8.28 avg.

My dilemma is do i continue with my garmin plan to schedule or should i tweek it so  i do another longer run the week before the marathon (schedule says 12 miles @ 7.40), obviously i want to get as many long runs in as possible but dont want to risk being tired for my marathon.

This is what i thought.

                                Schedule                                        Tweek

LR Sun 17 May    18@8.30                                           21@8.30

LR Sun24 May      12@7.40                                           18@8.30

I had planned to run a 3h20 but seeing as i missed training i will be happy with a sub 3h40.

I would love to hear peoples thoughts..


  • I'm no expert (this will be my first marathon) but from advice I've been given myself I'd say 3 long runs in the 3 weeks before the marathon is too much.  Why don't you do your 21 next week, then taper after that doing the 12 the week before as your schedule suggests.
  • Thanks for the reply B, i think you may be right.

    It's the age old paranoia of thonking you havent done enough to get round, usually always unfounded though. image

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