not motivated to do serious training

So I run the London Marathon 2 weeks ago and did well, beyond expectations (3.25). I always thought that the best strategy is to set a new target so to avoid the "marathon blues". So, I set the target to improve my 10K time and signed up for my first 10K of the season, next weekend.

Today I went out to do some speedwork 4 X 1500m in 10K time. I could only manage 1 rep, I felt sooo sick and out of breath. The disturbing thing is that I did this session before many times and it was nothing my body wasn't prepared for. Yet, after the first 1500m, I had to stop and sit down on a bench, where I stayed for 15 minutes before I headed home.

I think that I am scared that getting this unbeliavable marathon time and achieving a PB in my 10K time last year after some hard speed training, I am just not able to improve any more. I know that the obvious answer is to join a running club, and I would love to, but the one nearest to me (Serpentine London) clashes with my work shifts.

OK, I just wanted to share, I feel very disappointed.


  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Hello Edith

    Firstly congratulations on your FLM race that is a brilliant time

    Was it your first marathon? It is normal to feel like this. It can take a few weeks to recover from a marathon the theory is usually about 4 weeks if you follow the mile a day rule. Though some recover quicker some slower. Its only been 2 weeks so don't worry about it so soon. Do some nice easy running for another few weeks

    I'm sure you'll improve more it just takes time the body just needs a rest after all the hard training and it will be ready to go again. It was just your body's way of telling you i'm not ready yet.

    A club would be good i sympathsise i can't always get to club nights due to my shifts but i'd still join you might be able to arrange some unofficial training sessions with new friends from the club
  • Hello Pammie,

    Thanks, your post just summarized all that I "reasoned". My body is not ready yet and yes, I should sign up for the club anyway and we will see. Thanks, I WILL sign up for the club. What could happen? I will miss plenty of club sessions but I will be able to attend a few, so I will gain.

  • Edith, that's a GFA time isn't it?  So no ballot for you next year then, well done!!

  • Yes, that's true, it's GFA so I should really feel greatful and stop moaning....

    I cannot understand why I feel so disappointed with my speed session. Two weeks ago I was so happy. Cheer up girl!

  • Think some people just need a mental break from running. You can't do it every day for years and enjoy it, a mental rest is as vital as a physical rest. Otherwise you'll give it up all together!
  • Hi Kittenkat, give me your running number and I will check your pictues. image Maybe you are running next to me!
  • Quite right Beanie, thanks for your support, I am feeling much better already. One cannot push and improve every single day, right? I need a mental rest and need to sort my priorities. Running is not the most importand thing in my life, I do not need to improve every year for me to be happy and satisfied.

    Thanks again

  • Hi Edith

    I know what you mean about times of club runs - I'm a member of the Serpentine and there are alot of sessions I can't make because of work. It can be a real pain, but if you can't make it, one week, you may be able to the next. The club is really friendly and they really don't mind if you come for a few runs to try it out before joining, so there's no pressure to go

    Give it a go when you can next fit it in... go on image

  • I know that I am not as fast as you but also did FLM and was fine after a few days off, but this week it seems to have caught up with me.  Am trying not to beat myself up over missing the odd run that I had planned.  Even though I have a 10k in 2 weeks.

    I just have to accept I am getting older and it takes a bit longer for me to recover from things sometimes.  Don't feel miserable and don't let it over shadow such a great time at London.image

  • Post-event anti-climax maybe?
  • I think thats what mine is, once you climax its just plain boringimage

  • Its natural to lose motivation after a big event. If you have trained seriously then you SHOULD feel a little burned out after it, seeing as you train to peak for the event.

    No matter how willing you are, it is just natural to feel less than motivated when you actually get back out again. Just take a mental and physical break, you cant force yourself into it if your body isn't responding. The rest will do you good anyway, getting you revved up and revitalised for your next challenge.
  • TheraThera ✭✭✭

     Hi all

    I did a marathon last weekend and have not been out for a run as yet. At the moment I still feel very tired, but seem to have developed a few niggles image. I think just being able to do a marathon is fantastic and you should be proud of your achievement. Well done...imageimage

  • YES, post event anti climax. After all I trained all winter, long runs every weekend through the wind and snow, and now it's over.

    Missing one or two training sessions is not a big deal,  I just have to accept it.

    And Yes, I WILL join the Serpentines Club, I may not be able to attend more than 1 run every fortnight, but it will help to motivate me and hopefully improve my PB.

  • Hi Edith I also did London,not nearly in as good a time as you,well done but since then I have only gone for short 4 to 5 mile easy runs because I felt that all the training for London and also the race itself took a lot out of me I certainly could not cope with speed work at present.

    Just relax for a time and run at a pace your body is happy with. I hope all goes well for you,good luck your motivation will return.

    jimma image

  • Great time in the FLM, excellent stuff.

    JDN21 has the nail on the head, don't force your return and expect to be running at the same pace after you've peaked for the marathon. Like Pammie says, general rule of thumb is not to run hard for the number of days after the race that equals the race length in miles (26 days). Don't race for another PB straight away either, running for a 10km is completely different to a marathon so it may take a rethink of your training before going headfirst into it, which includes some well deserved rest.

    I'm sure when you've completed your next race you'll get the bug back again. good luck.

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