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At present i have a polar RS400 (foot pod) and with a birthday around the corner, I am considering getting a garmin 405 (or possibly CX)

Not sure if its worth switching to Garmin, keeping current mode or possibly upgrading to polar 800

I would welcome any views



  • What would you gain by switching?, what does the Garmin or the 800 have your current one doesn't?
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    good question, more accurate distance reading with gps as apposed to the foot pod
  • I'd only wait for the 310xt if multisports and waterproofing was important.

    TBH, if you are happy with the accuracy you've got already, I probably wouldn't bother, of course, GPS is more accurate, but its not spot on.

  • Got an 800 with S3 footpod at xmas, very impressed with Polar Protrainer and suprisingly find the Alitude measure very useful, especially living in sheffield (Too many hills) Train by heart rate and its a big improvement on my old polar. Hoped for more accuracy on the footpod, tried recalibrating but still not there,  recently ran a 12.5 mile , 1/2 marathon. Find the nike+ system as good and a lot cheaper. Do we  really need that increased level of accuracy of a garmin?  (Have thought about the GPS unit) and would it make you run faster. My own answer is no, joining a running club had done more for my running and at £15 a lot cheaper.  Think about how many more races you could enter with that money and use them as fast training sessions. Thats the sensible answer but can relate to your problem.
  • I think it is very easy to get caught up on the tech side of running and miss the simple fact that it's about getting out there and running!  And, hopefully, having a good time whilst you do it.

    That said, I've gone through a  host of SDMs and HRMs, from a Polar Edge to Coach to 625SX then via a Garmin Forerunner 205 to a Polar RS800.  Did not get on with the Garmin at all but have found that the Polar RS00 has ticked all the boxes for me.  I've invested in the GPS dongle as well as the S3 footpod, using GPS when cycling.  I can't imagine needing to upgrade and if it fell apart tomorrow would rush out and buy a new one.  I find the footpod more accurate than the GPS - lots of trees and deep ravines do not do much for GPS accuracy. YMMV.

    Most of the time I am just out running and use the Polar for quick checks of HR, etc.  It's very useful for post-race analysis (to see just where things started to go wrong...)

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