Great North Run 2009 Deferred Place

I got a ballot place into the 2008 GNR but deferred my place by post well in advance of the deferment deadline.

As the 2009 race approaches it occurs to me I need to investigate how to get my place in the 2009 race, as I haven't heard anything. 

The current GNR site talks about 2009-2010 deferment, and it says that I should have been contacted in advance of the 2009 ballot deadline whereby I'd have a 28-day period to opt in, and if  I don't I won't have a place and no opportunity to get it back. 

I haven't heard anything at all and I'm now really concerned that I haven't got a place. Does anyone have experience of this kind of thing? Any tips on what I should do? What if they have no record of my original deferrment from last year?

I probably should have thought about this further in advance, but I assumed that a good 5 months in advance of the race wouldn't be too late to look into it!


  • Hi Pete,I deferred last year as well,I handed my number in the day before the race because i live local.I  paid my entry in january but dont seem to be getting any response from them aswell,I am not even getting any of the bupa emails you normally get plagued with trying to get you to run other overpriced races,I think you need to contact them pretty sharpish though.
  • Well this is an utter joke. After ringing Great Run I've been told that they only send out deferrment reminders via email, none of which I've received.

    They don't utilise any other form of notification, no post, no phone, just email, and take no responsibility if that email is not received for any reason. 

    I've now been told that since I didn't reply to the emails I never got, I haven't got a place, and it's tough f'ing luck. 

    Wonderful, that's £45 well spent then. You'd think for that amount of money they could stretch to a recorded postal reminder, or something that wasn't as fallible as email to help ensure deferred runners get their place.  I was helpfully told that I could now apply via a charity place!

  • Sorry to hear that pete,i dont know what else you can do they seem to be a law unto themselves and its not fair sometimes.where did you get the number to ring?
  • 0845 389 2200 - it's on their website, although not terribly well highlighted.
  • Cheers Pete,I will give them a ring, Hope you can find somebody to put a complaint in to.
  • Pete ,I just rang and they have been sending emails to an account i closed four years ago.
  • This is the thing isn't it sponge? They only send an email and make no excuses if you don't get it. I understand this is the first year they have switched to an email-only notification system and it clearly doesn't work.

    Considering GNR is £30 more expensive than most half marathons, it's pretty bloody penny-pinching of them insist on sending emails only, rather than lay out the infintestimal cost of sending a real, tangible letter that they can at least confirm you've received. 

    I won't be giving up on this easily, I feel cheated out of my place and I won't be put off by some mumblings about how email isn't their responsibility. 

  • Pete,I think you should keep trying somebody has got to listen.Luckily for me I have got proof of payment and they did have my details so I am in. You are right about the cost,its extortion.Good Luck.
  • Success!

    After writing a stern but polite letter, I have just received a guaranteed entry token via email from Great Run. 

    I've gone through the steps and paid the fee, and so I'm hopefully assuming that's fine and I've now got a place. Hurrah!

    Also, cr*p, I need to get out the door and start training! 

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