Back into the lions den, Daniel

Yep, I can run again. Right? Yep? so I'm OK, and people who are ok can go back to work, yep?

Well we'll try it. I'm signed up to give a postgraduate course (in maths) this term. It's an experiment to see if I can: I lost a lot more than the use of my legs, and this little experiment is to see if I am now too stupid to look for a job as a mathematician.

It is actually terrifying. I left the place under a cloud (I think that is the correct euphamism) tried to go back a few times while I was on sticks, panicked badly. It's a pretty cutthroat place. But if I'm ever going to work as a mathematician, gotta get back there and just do it.

So it's now. I got my legs back, didn't I? So I can get the rest back too, no? yes? Guess I'll find out soon.

And keep on running - saves lives in all sorts of senses of the word!


  • I hope your return to work goes smoothly, Marj. Despite health legislation, employers can be b*ggers when you're ill. But you'll never know if you don't try, and if you don't try you'll always wish you had.

    Best wishes, V-rap.
  • Best of luck Marj.
  • Good luck Stickless. I was very moved by your response to the When did you become a runner thread (kind of know where you are coming from because of personal experience of a close friend). I have just seen the point of your name -n stupid badger - t hought it was something to do with sticklebacks before. Anyway just wanted to say that if you do maths/teach as well as you write then you will have no problems at all. Take it one step at a time!
  • Hope it goes well Marj and thanks for your previous support
  • Excellent stuff - is it an MSc or a PhD? It will be nice to have some fellow postgraduate company on these forums!
  • Like the Badger, I only read this morning about where the Stickless name comes from. I thought it was some sort of allusion to being thin as Posh. How wrong!

    Good luck
  • Hello Marj,

    Best of luck with the job.

    With your attitude and detrmination, I'm sure you'll succeed.

    All the best,

  • Best of luck Stickless, you make me feel guilty if I don't go for a run just because I don't feel like, so please keep posting,
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