London Marathon

I've had email saying my London Marathon fee had not gone through, and I need to pay it again, bank statement clearly shows paid.  Looks very official but always weary of emails and websites.

 Anyone else received this email:

Dear Neil,

It's great that you have entered the online ballot for the Virgin London Marathon 2010 and we'd like to say a big thank you for choosing to donate your entry fee. Your contribution along with the donations from other generous runners all go to help the London Marathon Trust build community sports facilities and develop recreational projects around the UK.

However, it seems there was a bit of a problem as we didn't receive your donation
Unfortunately it seems that your payment wasn't processed and we didn't receive your much appreciated contribution. So, we are asking if you'd like to give it another go. If you'd like to donate your 2010 Virgin London Marathon entry fee, click the link below to go to the payment page:

As well as the feel-good factor of helping The London Marathon Trust, there are a few perks for you too; you'll...

* receive a limited edition Virgin London Marathon rain jacket
* be entered into a draw for an additional 1,000 places in the 2010 Virgin London Marathon
* get entry into a prize draw to win a place in the ING New York City Marathon 2010, including travel and accommodation, or a week's sporting holiday in spring 2010 for you and a guest at Club La Santa, Lanzarote.

Again, we'd like to thank you for choosing to donate and we do hope that you decide to try again.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact the Virgin London Marathon helpline on 020 7902 0200.

Best regards,

Dave Bedford
Race Director
Virgin London Marathon


  • Id ring the helpline number on the virgin website, not the e-mail and tell them yr statement shows payment received.Obviously dont hand out any bank details though.

    It looks dodgy to me, as they haven't given you any reference number - how the hell is the helpline meant to help with no reference number? 

  • Looks very official, but surely a scam? Assuming you got confirmation of your entry into the ballot, the payment must have gone through in order to receive that I'd have thought.

  • Loooks to me like the reference number is in the link : VLM 10 - 107606 so it could well be genuine. 

    Best to ring them if your bank statement shows payment though.

  • If you right click on the link and select properties it shows you the actual address of the link, as you can make a link say anything you like thats an easy way to get people onto a scam site, in this case the link actually leads to

    So that suggests its not a scam. no? Probably best to ring a number you find yourself on the site as suggested above though.

  • Tommy Bozza

    I have the Strange problurm to because I enter London 2010 next Year on that Tuesday when Computer finished and Crashed early.But funnything is there take my money out of my bank that week provided London Marathon on my statement.Its untrue I in next year or is it??
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