Where can I use Paypal?

I've been ebaying some stuff and have built up enough to buy some new shoes if I can find somewhere that takes Paypal. Can anyone recommend anywhere?



  • eBay? image

    Other than that, just transfer from paypal into your bank acc.

  • LOL! Yeah I know ebay. And any transfer into my bank account currently gets eaten up by my overdraft and then I feel bad for spending any money image. I was just wondering if anywhere took PP directly.


  • There probably is, I just don't know any offhand.
  • Not many retailers use PayPal due to their fees being a complete rip-off.

    (sorry that doesn't help you!)

  • Start-Fitness on ebay takes paypal - I've used them twice for shoes and they're a good price and quick delivery
  • Wiggle take paypal
  • Oooh do they, Runnersbeen? Now that's an interesting discovery! image

    Thanks all for your help x

  • No worries.
  • Would you believe that Wiggle don't stock my size??? Pah! off to do more searching!!
  • what you after yorks lass?
  • I'm after a pair of womens Asics gel 1140 in a size 8.5 (I'm an 8 but need a half size bigger in these!). Cheap as possible!

  • Hi,

     We are totally out of the Sprint Summer 1140 but have just today had the Autumn Winter ones in. We are doing them for £59.50 (15% off). If you are interested PM me your email address and delivery address andI will send you a Paypal money request.

     Hope that helps?


  • Oooh PL! Thank you!!! I will PM you!
  • No problem, let me know when you have so i can make sure the email has come through.


  • I have PM'd you image
  • I haven't got anything PL image


  • Hi, not sure what is happening here???

    Can you email us via here and i will sort it for you?

     Sorry about this!


  • Oooh I've been having a good mooch about your site! Don't let me buy anything else LOL! Too many nice shiny things.......

    Have sent a message image


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