Jogger's Nipple-What a pain!

Hi All
I jog on average 9 miles a week and as I increase my miles the soreness andchaffing on my nipples has worsened. I wear the right sports bras. I have tried band aids, but still get painful areolae when removing them and painful nipples when jogging. I have tried Vaseline and other chafe reducing creams and they stain my clothing and the nipple soreness kicks in halfway through my jogs!I have heard about nip-guards, but don't know where to get them, some are available via the net, but after reading reviews they can be painful to remove. What can I do? Please help! image


  • bodyglide. you can buy it from various running sites (wiggle do free postage). it doesn't stain your clothes apparently. i don't suffer from this problem thank the lord but i have read about bodyglide from other forumites.
    good luck!
  • I've never heard of women getting this while wearing a sports bra! 

    I'd guess that your bra is not fitting you properly, although you say you wear the "right" sports bra.  Have you been fitted for a bra by someone who knows what they are doing?

    If all else fails, my OH uses wide micropore tape on his nipples.  It comes off quite easily afterwards.

    Oh, and by the way, it's CHAFING.  Only one F.

    Where is this idea that it has two effs coming from?  It keeps popping up on the forum.  Is it because chay-fing sounds all posh and noncy or something?

  • As a guy I find micropore works fine
  • What's micropore?

    Wilkie - The spell checker recognises chaffing and chafing

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    micropore is a clear breathable tape that doesn't leave a sticky residue - originally developed for medical use but now widely available...........

    I don't find it sticks as well as zinc oxide tape though
  • It may well, but unless 1of10 is processing grain in her bra, her chafing is spelt with one.  Spell checkers are why we can't spell any more.

    Micropore is tape used for sticking bandages/surgical dressings to patients.  I use two tiny scraps for running, and  it works a treat.  Get it at supermakets, chemists etc.

  • Do they stick well and stay on if you get sweaty?
  • But chaffing has a totally different meaning, Richard. 

    Nothing to do with red sore skin, and more to do with codes and encryption.

  • As in separating the chaff image
  • Exactly!  image
  • RB, I have run a marathon with a cross of micropore on each nipple. and it has stayed on no problem - even in the rain.  THis was just own brand supermarket cheap stuff, 99p a roll I think.
  • I'll be down the supermarket at the weekend and give it a go, thanks.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Standard sticky elastoplast is just as good if not better. That's the cloth elastoplast. I used to sweat micropore off.
  • The cloth elastoplast does stick well but doesn't come off easily at the end and has the same effect as a wax.
  • It's defo the wrong size sports bra. I've had sore nipples from wearing the wrong one.

    I only need bodyglide underneath them where the elastic sits on my ribcage.

    LOL at Wilkie correcting spelling again......image

  • image

    It just rubs me the wrong way, LB

    (see what I did there?)

  • *passes Wilkie the Bodyglide*

    We can't have you chaffing now can we? image

    *runs off*

  • If you take a standard waterproof elastoplast and cut out the middle dressing part, the ends are perfect as nipple protectors. They won't rub off and can be left on for more than one run (lifestyle permiting!)

  • I suffer from a similar problem.Also, in winter my breasts get very cold and soar. I have solved this problem by using nursing pads (for bras) for breastfeeding Mums. Different brand for different seasons. As long as they can have glue on 1 side  (so they don't move around in the bra), and depending on heat/cold and anticipated sweating I pick the right pad. It's not cheap but does mirracles for my breasts and nipples.
  • Wilkie wrote (see)

    But chaffing has a totally different meaning, Richard. 

    Nothing to do with red sore skin, and more to do with codes and encryption.

     Not to mention chaffing: the act of throwing out small aluminium foil pieces of "chaff" from the back of your aircraft so that radar-guided missiles lose lock on the plane. But the same root - as fruit vs chaff e.g. Chaucer, fruit being grain you keep vs the husk that is removed by winnowing.
  • Did a 20k on Sunday and took precautions, 2 fabric plasters on each nipple in a cross. On one nipple great but the other was less fortunate as plasters came off so chafing (not chaffing) again! At least no bleeding as seen on lots of people who wore cotton t shirts. 
  • A touch of Vasoline,,unbelieveably works
  • I'd recommend Sportjock bras as there's no seam and they squash your boobs to your chest, so even if you're gifted in the chesticle department then they stop you from boinging about and also minimise the chafe.

  • Thanks for all your suggestions.  I've had success with vaseline and micropore tape so far, so good!  The true test will be on the10K coming up on the 30th at The Look Out and hopefully no bleeding nips-Ouch!  
  • Chaffin' 'eck!
  • Agree that Sportjock is the way to go, my similar but rather milder problems disappeared once I started using a compression rather than "lift and separate" style.  Good luck!

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