Showing the age of my child....

...every single time I click on "Clubhouse" my brain starts singing the theme tune to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

Come inside, it's fun inside!



  • now youve started me singing that......

    M.I.C.K.E.Y  M.O.U.S.E..................

  • Mishka, Moushka, Miiiickey MOUSE!!!

    Well aaaaaaaaallll right! ha-ha!

  • and now I have the Hotdog song in my head from the new Mickey mouse on Nick
  • Yep - that's the show, Farnie!! Can you do the dance?! image

  • oooh I can!!!!!
  • LOL!!! I'm so glad I'm not alone!  I like Goofy's dance.....I think I'd be best suited to that one.


  • yup- me and my little mousekettiers (spell?!!) take on roles- im always goofy while they get to be Daisy and Minnie. Not fair......


  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    I quite often wake in the middle of the night with a cbeebies tune going round and round my head aaaarrrrgh!
  • LOL Hummo! At least you get to be Goofy - now Donald, he really is dumb! Could be worse image

    And just wait til you progress to CBBC, Cinders! Tracy Beaker makes me want to smash the telly!

     Mickey Mouse is fab - although I'm always slightly bothered by the way he turns his head, but his ears stay where they are, facing you. Weird. 

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