Running club at David Lloyd

Just received a weeks free membership at David Lloyd, and see they have a running club called the Crusiers.  

They meet 3 times a week and wondered if anyone was already a member.  Obviously a shed load to join, but my local running club wants ninty pounds as it is, and I would use the gym membership.  

Anyone have any opinions?


  • Well I think it would depend which gym its based at ? I dont think all of their running clubs would be the same, and what people like /dislike about it may not be the same as you.

    Ninety quid for running club seems a lot to me anyway - but that would pale into insignificance compared to a DL membership !

    Be silly not to use the free trial ?
  • Ninety pounds to join a running club?

    They're having a laugh!

    Look around (try the UK:Athletics website) and you might find other clubs in your area.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Check the wording of the membership contract very carefully, especially the notice period to leave. Suffice to say they got very heavy with the ex-Mrs Muttley when she decided to quit (this was a few years ago, they might have cleaned up their act since then). Threatening letters from debt collectors, county court case - which they eventually lost. But it caused us a whole load of hassle. The facilities were nice, sure, but their business practices stink.
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