The Fellsman

A lot of crazy ultra runners had an eventful time in Yorkshire last weekend. I won't go into any descriptions here because there's too much to write and it's already been done. The following links should provide a few minutes' entertainment for you. Here's the Fellsman site.

There's a brilliant report with pictures on Grough.

My blog with linked pictures is here.

Enjoy. Nick.


  • BritNickBritNick ✭✭✭
    Good man haileunlikely. You won't regret it - a memory to treasure for the rest of your life. image
  • Haile - are you doing L50/100 again this year?
  • BritNick - thanks for the links. Good write ups to read over lunch. Haile, looks like we will have do this one at some stage as well!
  • yeh great event I did this for the first time. Got to be one of the best off road events in the Uk. the fells are surprisingly steep and the large climbs and descents are definately the best bits.

    The navigation is fecking difficult once the field thins out if you try and head off on your own - I think local knowledge or past experiance would save a whole load of time. I gave in trying to make my own way in the end as I was just wasting loads of time and just tagged onto a couple local guys who knew the lines.

    the grouping rule is rubbish as is the long trousers at night rule (I bloody hate running in long trousers) I should have read the rules because I didnt realise the grouping disbanded at the last CP so was hanging around eating biscuits thinking Ill catch the group up in a bit when the marshall asked me why I was hanging around and pointed out to me that it was a sprint to the finish, by that time the group of 7 I was with were long gong ...I wondered why they sprinted off like madmen .....

     they are very pedantic about the kit checks and rules...I failed the Kit check because I had a survival blanket not a survival bag image. luckily a local camping supply shop opened early but I could have done with the dashing around trying to get my number released before the start. I also got collared for the long trouser rule for still being in shorts in the dark. 

    the flip side of that is the organistation is bloody excellent though. The marshalls on the tops of those fells deserve medals. They must have done something seriously wrong to get lumbered with thoses points !image

     and I dont know why, maybe its a northerner fell runner thing but there seemed to be alot of people taking it very seriously (not that thats a bad thing) Im just used to ultras being a bit more light hearted.

  • nice write up in your blog by the way nick
  • BritNickBritNick ✭✭✭


    I think people appear to take the Fellsman seriously because they feel weighed down by the thought of the onerous task that lies ahead. It's the sense of forboding that makes everyone so serious. And the grouping. And the trousers after dark. image

  • Was my first trot round the Fellsman this year. Brilliant challenge, great people, from organisers through to competitors. In the early stages of the event folk weren't talking to each other much where i was in the field, probably due to the task ahead, but like Nick says as the miles progressed and things started to hurt the atmosphere and cameraderie just beats any other fell event i've done. I like the tag of "northerner fell runner". Is there one for the southerners?
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