Beer, Sex, Chocolate & Running.

So if you had to choose between giving up one of,


Which one would you choose?

Chocolate for me as it lasts the shortest amount of time. image (just)



  • I'm not getting much of the second one anyway.image
  • Beer – cos I don't drink beer!

    However if beer means all alcohol, then it would have to be chocolate ... cos I like my wine!
  • Chocolate, no shadow of a doubt, I could live without the bar I have every now and then
  • I think it would have to be the chocolate image

    But I'd substitute it with cake image

  • Definitely Chocolate, couldn't give up the others.

    Bit controversial saying this, but Chocolate is a female passion?? Two females in my house, Wife and Daughter will confirm thatimage?


  • Beer - no problem.

    Although I don't know what I'd drink with my (occasional) curry....

  • chocolate AND beer
  • Chocolate easily - hardly ever eat it anyway!

  • Wilkie

    Try Wine? With the Curry......Think I could manage that

  • No one has said Running or Sex so far.

    You bunch of speedy sex fiends! image

  • Beer!!! No contest!
  • Darn PO and her x-post! image
  • chocolate for me too. 

    if crisps were on the list though I'd be in a right dilemma

  • Hahahaha Jimmy  image

    I figure most women fake or have headaches, so someone needs to be honest!

  • Right beer but if you mean alcohol. It would be chocolate I do love chocolate but not as much as wine! I have been known to order the cheese board for pudding because I have a nice glass of wine left after my meal and it wouldn't go with chocolate cake!
  • man that's tricky.

    i'll answer later. not running anyway. or sex.

    or beer, oh god it's difficult!

  • I don't drink beer and I don't eat chocolate.

    Would never give up running. I wouldn't give up sex either but not having a boyf I don't have much choice in that department.

  • I would give them up in this order:





    Probably, I have never had sex but I have heard it is good.  

  • Beer as i'm a wino.

    If it's alcohol in general then...chocolate as long as i can have chocolate flavour stout (Youngs used to do a nice one)

  • Easy





    At the moment I already don't do the first two - mostly pedaling right now

  • Currently injured so not really running

    so indulging in the others all the more to compensate.

  • though it's red wine not beer

    and chocolate definitely can't go


  • sex




    Does that make me odd?

  • Maddy

    Trust your not drink driving? Gets a bit awkward? Signallingimage etc

  • I've forgotten what sex is. So easy answer is I would give up sex. image
  • Sex




    I don't eat a lot of chocolate so that's ok.  Sex means putting up with a whiney bloke and I can't be asked now.  Running is more of an on and off now thing - beer is constant

    Well - not beer so much as wine and vodka - although, not mixed

  • TriWill I tend to avoid mixing my vices - they are all so much better in uncontaminated by each other
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