Orpington 10K

With under 6 weeks to go now and the London Marathon out the way for many it must be time to turn our attention to the summer 10k season.

Now OK I will give you a totally biased opinion on this event (like the best marshals, a fantastic course, One off Finish Medals), a great day out for the whole family etc. but don't take my word for it (being I'm Race Director this year), come along for yourself or search for previous years commentary - and a 95% Would Do It again rating on Runners World.

Although billed above as Orpington 10k it is a RACE Day with three safe 2k races for kids, two events for junior schools and one for secondary. Then of course after all the serious stuff we hold a Family Fun Run where the whole generation can join in and I mean the WHOLE family. In 2003 we had four generations ranging from 11 months through to 93 years old in total a family of 13 entrants.

Between events there are other activities on field to keep your supporters busy all laid on car of Darrick Wood School PSA.

Please don't delay in registering. We have been sold out many times in the past and already we have surpassed the 100 mark.

Please refer to our website for any last minutes instructions.  Any questions fire away...image 


  • Sounds like a great race, I'll be there....but then I have to be cos I'm looking after the computers where we key on your details and collate the results! 

    But seriously, do come along, its a great day out for all the family. Very friendly.

  • Glad you can come and join us Yellow Shirt.  Yes it will be a great day, *says me who will be swanning around the field while your hard at work on the computers in doors.

    For anyone wondering about numbers these are at the printers and due to be sent to us early next week. Fingers Crossed race packs should start to be sent out by the end of the month.  Any one not having received a race number before the race should contact us via the Orpington Road Runners web site or post here where we will be more than happy to deal with your quieries. 

  • wow, i never knew there were events like this in orpington. really tempted but will have to wait for about 3 weeks before I can decide whether to enter as I'm nursing a couple of strains atm. Hopefully I do recover in time and the event isn't sold out. I could use this race to build up fitness.
  • Here We Go Again.

    Glad to have you on board (hopefully).  I take it your a local then...

  • yeah i live in orpington when i'm not at uni. normally do 6 mile runs around the town.
  • Come on down one Tuesday NIght and join us. Meet on the Green outside the Buff 8pm, or on Thursday night - the sign for Ashley Gardens (long story on that one !). or Saturday morning for speed track on the field by Newsted Woods. Check out our web site for more info and hopefully see you along one evening, we have speedsters pusing sub 37 minute 10ks through to 'get me round' whose times shall remain anomous.  with around 200 members of all ages and sexes your bound to hook up with a group thats right for you when you come back from Uni.

  • lol, fueling up at the buff? All jokes aside I have found that I run faster after a couple!

    i'll be back in 2 weeks. i'll come down one tuesday after, that is once my hamstring stops hurting with every step i take.

     regarding pace, I don't think I can run 10k in anywhere near sub 37m yet but after a lot of training, maybe.

  • This race clashes with the Classic Car Show at nearby Ravens Wood School, so it should be fun crossing the A21 and watching the red raged faces of the drivers stuck in a 5 mile tailback to the M25, as marshalls hold them up for 15 minutes.

     Best get a policeman or two up there to calm 'em down a bit, Ashley! 

  • I doubt that Ravens Wood School Classic car show is going to have much impact. Sorry this year is the first I have heard of it.... (and its been going since 1981 when a group of 6th formers showed off thier Beatles!).

    The one that does cause the snarl ups is the Bromley Motor Pagent which is on Sunday 14th June the previous week. Thats the BIG one at Norman Park...

     Now if my MR2 2L T-bar ever decides to work maybe I may make the trip to the Motor Pagent (oh and providing its not raining of course as the roof also leaks !


    Does that mean you'll be running our 10k Snoops or feeling nostalgic about all those old cars that you remember from your youth when they were first trundled off the production lines...image

  • s'right, Ashley.

    I'll be up at Ravens Wood to look at the 1962 Ford Anglia 105E's on display (my first car in 1973), as I don't suppose there'll be too many Type 35 drophead Bugattis strutting their stuff.

    But only after completing the Orpies 10k race first (did you not check the online entries to see my application?)

    PWR will be well represented, so look out for the black 'n' white hoardes.

  • And anyone interested in becoming an Orpie should check out the DVLA cherished Registration auction.

    11 ORR is on the auction starters line

    In a recent auction ORR 311Y went under the hammer I think for around £400... It can now be found for £14,950 on certain websties !!!

    Glad that you will all be making the trip to the other side of town !

  • Hi There

    I've entered this race, I hope I was in time as I only entered yesterday online!

    Looking forward to it as its only a sort drive from where I live. image

  • Hello.

     How much of the race is off-road (grass/trails etc)?

     I prefer races which are close to 100% off-road and therefore no tarmac/pavements.


  • Mark 2

     The race starts on a schoold playing field heads through the adjourning woods, crosses the A21 and for about .5 miles on on road before heading into woods and across Farm land for the majority of the course. On the return there is the same small section of tarmac before returning through the woods to a warm welcome.

     I would roughly estimate 90% is off road with a lot being under the shelter of trees.

    If you haven't entered already please check the Runners World entry system as there are only a couple of places left.  We do not anticipate having any spare places for On the Day entry. but please keep an eye on this thread or the Orpington Road Runners Website for more up to date information.

  • Ashley

    What's the condition of the paths likley to be - is it a race for road shoes or trail shoes?

    Many thanks


  • Well, we shouldn't have much trouble spotting someone in this field who has a tag of 'Dayglo Pixie'.

    But I have a question as well concerning the etiquette of shoving other runners when attempting to pass them in the narrow offroad section 'tween Farnboro church and High Elms.

    Is it the done thing to use elbows, or best to ask them to step off the path into the rutted fields at the side?

    I'm sure you take a view on this Ashley.

  • Snoops  --- I would not like to comment on your views... But I would suggest perhaps the suggestion is to call out before hand that an overtaker is coming up behind and perhaps hope that the person in front is not so ingrossed in thier iPod that they would acknowledge and move when safe to dao so (if in the woods avoiding nettles, low branches routes etc.)

    Other alternatives (being race director) are not to be recomended if they put either runner or the general public at risk.

    Dayglo Pixie

    Normal running shoes are prefect not being an elite I use the same Saucony, or New Balance.

    Condition will be largely dependant on the weather tomorrow. If we get some rain then parts may become a little wet. but on the whole I would say the wood sections whill be comparable to a track, without so much 'spring'

    Spikes are a no go though



    There are still places available on the Fun Run and childrens races (under 16's)

    WE HAVE 501 ENTRANTS REFER TO www.orprunners.com website for more details and to check if you name is on the list.

  • Checked out the whole route yesterday evening as I live a stones throw from it and am marshalling at the water station.

    Currently the course is in good condition, and hard underfoot with the mostly dry weather - check for rain tonight.  This run is challenging in places especially just after the H20 station but relax its a climb that is steep for 100 yards then levels off as you turn left and then climbs again through the woods in a reasonably gentle but undulating fashion for another half mile. Also watch out for the shorter climb at about the 5th mile on the way back towards Farnborough Village from Shire Lane.

    Most of all run with a smile and enjoy the day - good luck all! image

  • I did the race on Sunday and was surprised how good my time was bearing in mind the bottlenecks/narrow paths and hills. However I read in last year's comments one or two mentioned it was only 9.6K. Was that so this year?

  • Chimneys.  The course is not accurately measured due to styles and gates etc.  but should be around 10k.  Perhaps if someone used a Garmen on teh day we can get a more accurate distance for you.

    Hope you enjoyed the day

  • Thanks Ashley. I shall therefore be content with my time!  

    By the way, great organisation/encouragement along the way. The marshalls were second to none! Thank you.

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