Happy Birthday Nam!!

Just wanted to start a thread to wish my TWIN a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Have a good one Hun!!



  • ooh two birthdays?

    Have great birthdays tomorrow Nam and Siouximageimage

  • 2 b'day threads Hun. Hope that means you'll have twice the fun. image
  • Twin threads for the birthday twinsimage  Have great days, Nam and Sioux xx
  • OOh happy birthday ladies!!!

    Happy birthday roomie Nam!

    have a fab day!


  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Happy birthday, Sioux
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To bofe of youse  image

    PS Namble - will have a couple drinkie poos for you   image

  • Happy birthday Nam and Sioux!

    I raise my coffee cup!image

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Happy Birthday Nam image
  • Happy birthday!! image
  • Happy birthday to both of you imageimage

    *hands out jelly and ice-cream*

    Have a great day both of you.

  • Happy Birthday Nam,

    hope its a non-training relaxing day, but I very much doubt it.

    I'll say Happy birthday to S on the other channel...

  • I have no intention whatsoever to train today.  Alcofrol and Balti or such is on the agenda. image
  • Hippy birthdays to yous! Hippy birthday to yous! I given up chcocolate so I can't bake you a cake!

    I want to see a photo of you in your party dress asap, if not sooner!

  • Happy birthday Nam!

    Sass xx 

  • Happy birthday to both of you!!image

    Nam- alles gute zum Geburtstag!!imageimage

  • Happy Birthday Nam! Mwah xxxxxx
  • Happy Birthday, Nam & Sioux! imageimageimage  Hope it's been a good one, with much cake! xx
  • Happy Birthyday nam image
  • Can I also just wish my bro a happy birthday for today (okay technically yesterday)? Thanks! image

    Not that he'll be reading. I've clearly just wasted my time haven't I.

    Ah well, happy birthday Nam and Sioux then.


  • Awww thanks guys. image

    Double O... party dress... image  I have such a stupid comedy tan now I can only wear racerback tops now... nuffink strappy etc.  image  >sighs<

    Had a great night though!!  image

    They made me drink Sambuka... image

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