If you could do anything today...



  • Thanks for the advice Rug, just got 1 day there then off to Kangaroo Island for a couple of days, can't wait!
  • Rug 19 wrote (see)

    Sydney-not been to Barossa (yet) but would love to.Went to WA (Mrs Rug from Perth) in 2006 and we 'did' 9 out of the 86 vineyards there-fantastic!

    lol, bet you were a bit tipsy after 9 vineyards!!! It takes me just one!image
  • Arctic Lady-Oh yes! 6 one day and 3 the next morning-these days it only takes a glass or 2 and my training is affected the next day. Not that i train on consecutive days much!

    Sydney-can't wait to hear where you've been and if you've remembered any of the wines you've tasted!

  • I'll let you know Rug!

    Having a nightmare planning the trip at the moment co-ordinating 8 people, staying in 3 different places, car, ferry and accommodation to book....i'm sure it will be worth it though!

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