marathon to ultra in 6 weeks?

Last Saturday I completed the Endurance Life Exmoor marathon  which went well, I ran/walked it slowly and im feeling pretty well, now im wondering if I could carry on building my training up to do the 'Classic Quarter' 43miler they run from Lizard Point to Lands End around the 27th of June?

 Its only about 6 weeks away but It seems possible to me, does anyone have any advice? do you think its doable?

Thanks for any advice



  • you are mad but good luck
  • Anything is possible.  It depends how much you're prepared to hurt.


    For ultras I use a "no more miles than there are days left" approach to tapering and I'd suggest you get to at least 30 miles in training, which means you'll have a 4 week taper.  That gives you two weeks to recover from the marathon then increase your training mileage to 30 miles................ I think it's going to hurt a lot image

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    anything is possible if you put your mind to it - just don't expect to do it at the pace you did the marathon.........
  • I reckon you can do extra week would allow you to get another long run in but as you dont have that time you cant....two week taper might not be enough.

    I never covered more than about 25 miles for my 1st ultra (50 miles).

    Given that next w/e is a BH I would recommend that if at all possible you go out and do a 30 miler (SLOWLY)......put some wlaking breaks in, then the next day, or perhaps on the monday, go out and do about 15-20 miles......but listen to how you are feeling.

    Back to back runs are good training.

    Pace will be critical in both your training, and also the event itself.

  • I'm thinking of upping my game to Ultra distance after completing a few marathons.

    The main difference I can see is that very people run the entire length of an Ultra, so a mix of running and hiking (fast waling) seems to be the way forward. It still needs training for though. This I would find hard as I'm used to running the full 26.2 distance.

     Good luck, let us know how you get on.

  • Richard Tickner wrote (see)

     This I would find hard as I'm used to running the full 26.2 distance.

    naw it will be easy for you when you're completely knackered and your feet are shredded image
  • Thanks for all the replies, ive only just spotted them.

     To be honest i'd talked myself out of it but Ive just received some encouraging emails and its got me thinking about it again.

    First things first Ive got to get it passed the missus, thats the hard part.

  • I am doing something similar. Ran the flm 3 weeks ago and have a 34 mile ultra in another 3 weeks. I have been forced into a 2 week taper so that I can get some distance in this weekend. It's not ideal, nut it should be ok I reckon.
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